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Back Pain Returnith

Monday Max and I headed out for our daily morning river walk All was fine and dandy until I carried a ton of groceries up two flights of stairs and then bam back pain flair up full force. Apparently I have strained my left back muscle big time. So big that yesterday I had to figure out if I was really going to be able to fly let alone run. With the help of D, massages and a ton of icing today it is a hundred times better. So all systems are a go for super awesome fun time. Not sure if I am running or not, marathon or half or just going to be the best spectator ever. We will see how the back feels. But I am raced packed I am hoping that laying out the race day outfit including what I might want to wear post run will help ensure I am race day ready no matter what happens.
Also packed this  Hoping to meet Bart at the expo!
Even with the back acting dumb,still super excited!
3 days and a wake up!

Carb Loading in Style

Okay so it is probably a bit on the early side to be claiming that all I have ingested in the past two days is in the name of carb loading and marathon success. But really isn't that one of the perks of running marathons- using it as an excuse for just about everything?

I have to go to bed early I am in marathon training.I need a nap- marathon trainingI need to eat more carbs- marathon trainingI need to get a massage- marathon trainingI need to eat this wrap with sweet potato fries- marathon trainingI need to eat more delicious frozen desserts- marathon trainingI need a new running skirt- for my marathons See! Just about anything works! Running marathons is fantastic!
Last night I did a lot of marathon prep.

 Dinner at The Loft- in the name of marathon training. Have to stay fueled.

 Curb side sitting at an outdoor concert drinking cider for the carbs of course
 Frozen yogurt- need that extra calcium for all that marathon training.
This morning D and I went to the Saturday market a…

A Good Day

Back update: It is feeling better but not 100%. Lots of icing and resting and it is driving me crazy especially so close to marathon time. I feel like Half Moon Bay is going to be extra special. Not only do I get to hang with this awesome runner and her super cute family but it will be a celebration of overcoming injuries.

Since I have lots of energy since I am not running/ been hardly moving I decided to have an adventure day and explore around Columbus. First stop was Barnes and Noble. On my 22 mile run I talked with a runner about this magazine

I had never heard of it before and can't wait to check it out. I found it in the sports section of the magazine racks. You can also order it online- 6 issues a year. I also grabbed this one

I have never read it before and am thinking more trail running is something I would like to do in the future. 
On the way home I stopped by Planet Pop to get some artisan popsicles...yeah seems kinda weird to me too but they are delicious. 

When I got…

Tuesday Happiness

No running today. But the back is feeling much better today. But I still couldn't go run with my run group so I had to do some other fun things today so I headed straight for

but couldn't find anything exciting to spend my gift card on so I had to drown my sorrows with

the S'more variety.
I have wanted a milkshake from Steak and Shake for like a year. Today - mission accomplished. I also came across this little beauty while out and about. Blueberry wine - yes please. 

And then I came home to this little baby in the mail. Sweet. I think I am going to save it for my plane ride to Cali. 
12 days until marathon time!

$19 Cure

I woke up this morning and my back still felt like someone did this to me
Many of you suggested I go see a chiropractor and I thought - eh what the heck, let's give it a go. So I went straight to the interwebs to find one. Found one who does military and military families right off base for the bargain price of $19 (with good reviews and a legitimate office. It wasn't some guy working out of his van on the side of the road or anything).

 Magic, pure magic. I am not 100% cured and will probably not be running at all the next few days but I feel better. With a recommendation to return in a few days and orders to ice every hour I should be better soon. I have never been to the chiropractor but it seems to be offering me some relief.

Kim mentioned (amazing blogger and runner-go check her out) that her fuel belt hurt her back and that got me thinking that the reason I probably hurt my back is because I had filled my hydration pack up all the way due to the many miles which I had nev…

A Dress Rehearsal in 22 Miles

Yesterday I ran 22 miles. 
It went really well and was a huge confidence booster. I used it as a sort of dress rehersal for the marathon- wearing the outfit I want to wear, the shoes, trying to fuel the way I am going to fuel.  I ran with a great group of people (hello running in groups is 100% more fun for long runs then running alone- I should have been running in groups sooner). The woman in charge had stashed coolers along the route with water and had her daughter bike around with a magical backpack full of fuel and water. They are my new favorite people. I got to run through areas I had not been through before so that was awesome. I met lots of new people and got to chat with them about races and running= so much fun! I also tried my new favorite thing
If you have not tried these go buy one in vanilla flavor right now. It is magic. I am going to buy a case of them for the marathon and then try not to eat them until I am actually running the marathon. I was excited before for Hal…

NIM & the Silent Ranks

One of the cool things we got to do while D's parents were here for his Officer Candidate School Graduation was go to the National Infantry Museum. If you ever have the opportunity to go I would highly recommend it. I am usually not one for museums- I have the patience level of a toddler when it comes to these things- but even I really thought this was interesting. Below are some pictures from the museum.
The museum has several interactive exhibits and different sections divided in time by major conflicts.

 It is a lot to take in and I feel like I need another go around to soak it all in. There are several more exhibits opening in the near future so we will have to revisit.

This museum is free though there is a fairly aggressive person at the front asking for a $5 donation so I would say it is $5 to get in but on the bright side you get a sticker that says you donated. Well worth the $5.

FYI for readers: You may have noticed a subtle shift in the blog- less talk about running mor…

Vacation Frustration & Transition

Fun fact- when I blog on my phone while watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress my grammar/ spelling/ everything is ten times worse that usual. So.... sorry about that last post.

D is on 10 days of TDY. It is leave you get to move or settle into your new place. Since D is the luckiest man alive and married to me everything was all moved and set up before he ever went on leave so we have just been able to hang out. Well I still have to work. I was lucky enough to get to stay on part-time for awhile at my old job and work long distance. But man when one person is off and able to do whatever they want all day it just seems unreasonable to ask me to work four hours a day. It is just too much.

Could you imagine if I actually had to put on work clothes to work instead of sitting in my kitchen wearing shorts and a t-shirt
I would never make it.
While I was sad to leave my job because the people I worked with were awesome it is exciting to figure out what I am going to do next. I have no id…

Date Night

8 miles Monday and run group today. I found out there is a group doing 22 miles on Saturday. I think I might join them for my last long run before Half Moon Beach.   Getting super excited for the marathon!!
D and I had to venture on base to turn in paperwork for our move yesterday. Fun military fact- the Army pays you to move. Less fun fact- the transportation office where you must turn in paperwork will make you want to die just so you can get out of there. I don't know what it is but regardless of base that office is always the worst. 
After we got out of there we decided to make it a military date night. First stop- supplies. We just wandered around and all was fine until I started demanding we pick our next assignment based on the cuteness of the unit insignia. "I want the base where you can wear the cute dragon".  Apparently it does not work that way and we really don't have a say. 
Next stop pizza and a movie. I wanted Swedish fish but D got me the closest thing th…

The Vortex

Today I woke up a bit sore and creaky from Saturday's 16 mile jaunt so I declared it a rest day. Tomorrow I am going to run between five and ten, whatever I feel like. I did manage to do yoga and abs so winning there.
Fun fact I have been to Ikea in four states... No make that three. I only proclaimed my undying love to the one in Illinois as we drove by. Actually demonstrated the love in AZ, MN and now GA.
Most successful trip to date. Went in for a nightstand and dresser and only came out with a nightstand and dresser and in about an hour. That might be a world record. We were motivated by food though.
I found a restaurant called The Vortex in downtown Atlanta that looked like a lot of fun and delicious.
It is a bar and grill with a sense of humor and a huge beer and whiskey list.  D got something covered in bacon and gravy called The Hangover Helper. I got a veggie burger- homemade and probably the best I have ever had. Had to get tots too. (Shout out to tater tot Tuesday).
Overall o…

Borrowing Hungry Runner Girl's New Mantra

This morning I was motivated to go for broke and go for sixteen instead of ten miles. Not gonna lie. These were tough, hot and sweaty miles. But ever since I read Hungry Runner Girl's post We can do hard things I have done a lot of thinking about my upcoming marathons and have decided to adopt her mantra as my own. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Ever since getting injured and not being able to run for an extended period of time I have had a lot of self doubt about my ability to complete my upcoming marathons. After mile 12 the run got tough, it was hot, humid, I ran out of water, my shorts were so sweat soaked they were trying to come off, a gnat flew in my eye- oh the drama- but I stayed strong and finished. Self doubt is gone- today's run proved to myself that I am tough and I can do hard things and I will be able to run these marathons. Thanks Hungry Runner Girl for motivating me!

Since we are telling the truth I must confess that  I got home made these and ate half the pan (the no…