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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011: Year in Review Began running consistently in July (it was a warm beginning)Miles run since July: 327 milesHalf Marathons completed: 4 (Mt Lemmon, Shun the Sun, Fiesta Bowl, Tucson)Medals obtained: 4PR'd at the Tucson Half Marathon with a 2:07:50
Placed in the filly category at the Tucson half with a third place finish
Favorite half marathon this year: Mount Lemmon Half- most scenic so far

Favorite medal: Fiesta bowl half medal (I guess I have a thing for cactus or something)
Ran a sub 9 minute mile in a raceGoals for 2012 Run between 80 and 100 miles a monthRun between 15 and 18 half marathons
Get a sub 2 hour half finish timeMore weight lifting and stretching- DO ITSpeedwork- learn to love it Overall this year has been pretty fantastic. I am happy to have found blogging as a way to entertain myself, stay motivated and hopefully inspire someone else. I know the blogs I follow keep me going when I would prefer to spend my mornings eating chocolate chip pancakes but instead find myse…

Wine is good for hydration right?

I registered for a January Half:

Registration Confirmation for:
Temecula Valley Half Marathon & 5k 2012
Dear Bean,
Congratulations! You are now registered for Temecula Valley Half Marathon & 5k 2012.

 Date & Time:01/21/12
Location:Monte De Oro Winery
Purchased at:12/30/11
Category:Half Marathon

And it involves wine.......
                                              so that is a win!

I imagine after the race I will look like this:
So if you are interested in hitting southern CA for a race through wineries
that involves wine tasting let me know! We can learn to love reds together.

Xmas loot & Winning

Last night we arrived back in Tucson after a fun week in Colorado. I miss Colorado already but it is supposed to be 75 today in Tucson so there is that.

I scored pretty big in the running apparel gift department. Plus using my Mom's JCPenny coupon got to add on some fun running pants and capris.

What is this?

That's right it is a running skirt. 
WHOOP. So excited to break this baby out at a race.

I also arrived home to an 3rd place finisher art work thing from the Tucson Half Marathon. I was the third place filly.  In other words the third place female finisher over 160lbs (To review my former thoughts on Clydesdales).

And you know what I was freakin excited about it. Who would have thought that I would ever place in a run? Crazy. So now I am thinking if I add some speed work and actually get my butt out the door (I haven't run consistently for three weeks) maybe I can do it again. A second or first place. And maybe not just in the "junk in the trunk" category bu…

Wising you a very ......

and a happy new year!!!

Colorado we are here to grace you with our presence

After eating our free breakfast at La Quinta Inn (totally a good deal-$67 for the night and pet friendly- no charge so those with dog children keep this in mind) we hit the road to finish our journey to Franktown, Colorado to be with my family for the holidays. But the trip was.....less than perfect.

We hit snow pretty early on

and then our back tire exploded.

 So I sat in the car and supervised from inside the warm car while D got all dirty and tired changing out the tire. Someone had to hold the lug nuts. I am probably the best asset in an emergency. Very good at supervision. And then when he was done I made him drive through a blizzard. I am the BEST WIFE EVER.

It was slow going for awhile but after many hours of white knuckling it and eating Wendy's for a nutritious lunch we finally arrived to a winter wonderland!

And since D and I are big babies when it comes to cold my family had lots of blankets and a warm fire at the ready for us. I don't see myself running a lot this …


Travelling to Colorado for Christmas means lots of car time fun!

After stopping for the night in Albuquerque we are on to Colorado tomorrow whooooohoooo!

Every Road Trip Needs a Theme

This is Kringle

I bought him at Walgreens today with the kettle corn and sunflower seeds needed for holiday travels. Why? Because I am an adult and if I think the car needs a beenie baby Santa that is round and adorable to fill it with holiday cheer, then it must be so (and I apparently have no impulse control). Plus what else am I supposed to stare at as we drive through New Mexico. Seriously there is nothing in that state.

Max & Nellie are also excited for the road trip can't you tell?

They could at least pitch in and pack their dog bowls or something. Jeez
Oh and I am over cross training. Can't wait for my run on Friday. 
Workouts: Saturday:  biked 1 hour Sunday:  laid around and ate my weight in poppy-seed bread Monday: biked 1 hour/ lifted weights- arms and legs Tuesday: biked 10 mins and wanted to die so switched to plyometrics dvd from p90x (bad idea can no longer move)

Friday Ramblings

1. I booked a hotel for Sedona. It is a 20 minute drive away from the start which will be super fun in the early a.m. and looks older but has good review and for $55 you can't go wrong. D agreed to go along but I have to treat him to a nice dinner. Gah this man is so needy.

2. I have decided to take a week off to rest my foot so it will hopefully get over itself and heal all the way. So hello cross training schedule. Not the most creative but hopefully it will keep my cardio up and my foot relaxed. I may throw in some strolls with the dogs but I am lazy so I promise nothing.

Fri12/16/2011XT: bikeXT

Sat12/17/2011XT: bike/ yogaXT


Mon12/19/2011XT: bike/yogaXT

Tue12/20/2011XT: bikeXT

Wed12/21/2011XT: bike/yogaXT

Thu12/22/2011XT: Off travel to COXT

3. This is what I bike on and man that bike seat is torturing my butt. It is getting better over time but I don't know how real cyclists do it. If I had to do more than pedal, such as pay attention to traffic and what is in …

Sup Sedona

So this is happening........

Dear Sabrina,

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the online form for 2012 Sedona Marathon Runs. 

This e-mail is to confirm that your submission has been received. Our records indicate 
you have selected the Half Marathon - 13.1 miles option.

So now to make sure I don't have to sleep in the car....

.........and that makes 3 half marathons in Feb. The same month I am supposed to take my comprehensive exams for my PhD. I crack myself up. 

I blame this guy who suggested I beg, steal or bake cupcakes to get there. I am super excited!

The Sedona Dilemma

So I want to run the Sedona Half on Feb. 4th.

and I really want to visit this area.

Make it a fun weekend with the hubby or something. BUT IT IS SO EXPENSIVE. What the heck Sedona. One night at the Best Western costs $180. THE BEST WESTERN. I can't even bring myself to look at the nicer hotels in the area.
Tricky, very tricky......what to do?

Tucson Half Marathon Race Review

After a truly blissful slumber..... um no I fought with Nellie half the night for room on the bed. I used to be able to nudge her out of the way and she was fine but now she is dead set on touching me at all times and snoring like she suffers from sleep apnea.  So that is fun.

Any whoo the alarm went of at 4a.m. and I promptly flung it off the night stand. 4a.m. is not my best hour. After standing in the kitchen drinking iced coffee for awhile. I finally got ready and forced D to get out of bed to drive me (he actually volunteered to go even though I gave him several outs because standing around for four hours is fun for no one. He is in the running for husband of the year).
We drove for about 30 minutes to get to the shuttle buses in OroValley that took me to the start. This race was a point to point. The whole naming the Tucson marathon the Tucson marathon is kind of funny because you never actually are in Tucson when you are running this thing. There seemed to be plenty of buses an…