Training Week 10/9/2017-10/15/2017....or lack of...

....not to give the ending away but this week was a bit of a bust.

Last weekend I felt under the weather and by Monday- bam- felt like death. And that freakin cold was a stage 5 clinger and really lingered. SO. MUCH. COUGHING.

Monday: Nothing but naps, and couch time.
Luckily this guy was around to keep me company.
Tuesday: A light weight workout at home. Skipped my scheduled run due to lack of ability to breath without hacking up a lung.

Wednesday: Tried to get back on the wagon. Did 2 miles on the treadmill with 8 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds recovery thrown in. Coughed so hard I almost puked. Got off treadmill and laid on floor. Did manage to lift weights during lunch. Bonus points for me.

Thursday: After a night of coughing, reset my alarm and slept in until 7. Ran 3 miles outside in the evening with 3 minute run/ 1 minute walk. Felt good until the last mile and then that walk break began to creep up in time as the coughing and snot production increased. But it got done.

Friday: Ex…

Training Week 10-2-2017 to 10-8-2017

I realized several things this week in training
1) I had not taken a rest day since Sept 1st, which probably contributed to my overall rundown feeling this week and case for backing off a bit. Work has been a lot lately as well with evening events, lots of projects and the overall I am kind of doing multiple jobs since we are down some staff in my office tiredness.
2) I do not enjoy evening workouts because it means less time at home hanging with my favorite person and 2 favorite canines.

This training week was a bit less than I have been doing though still a lot. I did take a rest day which was much needed. For next week, less evening workouts, because I want to be home more. Live and learn.

Monday: AM Swam, then worked through lunch and stayed a bit late at work so that was it for the day.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles with 5 X 30 second surges of speed with 30 second recovery in the middle. Lifted weights and took a pilates class

Wednesday: Climbed uphill on the treadmill for an hour, lifte…

Variety is the Spice of Life

Taking pretty much an entire year off  of running and then wanting to come back an do something epic in the next year is going to take some doing. To make things easier I have joined the YMCA which is conveniently located next door to where I work making lunchtime and evening working out possible. There is also a Y a five minute drive from our house making weekend and early morning and any other time workout easy as well. I think making it as easy as possible to do something ups me actually doing it by a factor of 100. The other nice thing about the Y is they offer a gazillion classes. Everything from spin to barre to boot camp, three of my favorite cross training classes at the moment.

In my time off from running I got a bit lazy which resulted in a loss of not only cardio fitness but also strength so I am working on getting both of those back slowly but surely.

A typical week of training looks a little like:
Monday- AM swim laps, lunch time lift weights, evening boot camp class

The Big Reveal

So what the heck has me training like I have never trained before? What has pulled me out of blog retirement? And just how crazy is the idea?

I would say medium high to extremely high on the crazy scale. The factor for this statement, "this seemed like a good idea back in....." to be repeated numerous times is very high. 

Okay. Okay. Jeeez
Next summer I want to run The Colorado Trail. Not for a record.  Not for a medal and a 'free' t-shirt. For no other reason than to just see if I can. Maybe I will custom print a t-shirt and/or a medal...... And the best part is I have all fingers and toes crossed that my friend who is just as crazy (in the best way possible) will do it with me.  That is the best part- when your crazy finds a similar crazy and you can be crazy together!
Oh the planning! The logistics! The size this spreadsheet is gonna be when I am done!! Nerd alert.
Now for those of you not familiar and thinking who cares, some important deets. The Colorado Trial …

Oh Hello

So it would appear that is has been about a year since a blog post happened. Why? I don't know maybe because running had been causing me so much pain that I didn't really feel like a runner anymore. Even though I was still trying to run. Or maybe it was because I didn't have a big goal for running any more. And this was first and foremost a running blog. So not much to talk about. Whatever the reason, I feel like sharing again because 1) I have finally started to run (reality check: run/walk) again and 2) I have a big goal for next year that involves training like I have never trained before and this blog has always helped keep me accountable and making progress in the right direction (more on the big goal later). 
So to catch you up, in the past year:

We made it to Mount Rushmore!

and Badlands National Park

my bestie and I ran together (the last time I seriously ran anything) at the Twin Cities 10 miler. Running with her is always the best. Since high school to present day…

Fall Fun

Things are getting settled here in Colorado Springs. We have been exploring the area and are really enjoying living here.

I have started working at The Colorado Running Company and am super excited about that. The other peeps that work there are fun to work with and it is nice being involved in the running community. We are working on getting some fun runs and training groups started so I am particularly excited about that!

Fall is beautiful here with the changing leaves and cooler temps. We are a bit nervous about winter because we have not dealt with a real winter since we lived in Illinois. I am hoping that living in a place with snow means we can break out the snowshoes again! I hit up the Barr Trail, which is the trail that goes up Pike's Peak and the site of a race I want to do next year. It is beautiful. And a real quad killer. Some work to do there before next August when the race takes place.

This week we are off to Minneapolis to visit some of my all time favorite people…

Santa Fe Thunder

There is nothing better than spending a weekend with running friends.....even if the race you are meeting up for hasn't been trained for. Whoops. Last Thursday D and I drove the five hours south to Santa Fe to our bnb Casa Pacifica where we met up with my friends Karen and Michelle. The bnb was great because it meant having our own kitchen and Michelle likes to cook and we all like to eat what she cooks. It is a beautiful relationship!

It was so great to see Karen and Michelle. The hardest part about moving is being far away from the friends you have have made. We spent two days exploring near the Santa Fe plaza, hitting up breweries and wine tastings and eating delicious food. On Saturday we were able to hit up the farmer's market which was in walking distance of our bnb. 

On Saturday we also drove out to the Buffalo Thunder Casino to get our race numbers. The expo was small and besides numbers and t-shirts there was not much going on. I spent the day telling myself I would b…