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Jesus, Airplanes & Shopping Malls

This weekend my Mom & Step dad came to town to visit so D and I got to be tourists and it was super fun. Friday morning I did a three mile run with 10:30 miles. Almost ready for the Olympics. After suffering through three hours of statistics class on hierarchical linear modeling (gross) I scooped up the parental units from their campus touring and we went to the San Xavier Mission south of Tucson.
 Besides the usual kind of creepy factor that comes from the dark and Gothic nature of Catholic religious art it was really beautiful.

 I didn't let D go, instead I made him stay at work. One of us has to be a functioning member of society. So while he brought home the bacon I spent some of it shopping at the gift shop. Scored some sweet Christmas presents.

On Saturday I did a 12 mile run in the morning and almost died. It was all pretty good until mile 9 and then I began to get really whinny. Since no one was around to hear it I just shuffled my way back to the car with a look of de…

I have a stalker

My right foot has been kind of sore lately. Along with icing it I thought using a tennis ball would be good to massage it out. So I bought a brand new shiny can of tennis balls for the occasion.
Anyway our lab Max is freaking out about it. I gave him one as a peace offering hoping he would leave mine alone but that did not work out. After I rubbed my foot around for awhile I snatched my ball off the floor and put it on my desk and this is what happened.


We have been at it for about 45 minutes now. Things are getting pretty intense around here.

Mount Lemmon Half Marathon 10/23/2011

When the alarm went off at 3:15 a.m. Sunday all I could think was nooooooo toooo early. But after a stern talk with myself I stumbled out of bed downed two cups of coffee, made some peanut butter and honey toast for the road, changed into my outfit and headed out the door by 4:00a.m.
All runners were required to take a bus to the start from the TMC medical center in Tucson. Since I didn't receive any busing instructions I left earlier than really necessary because I am anal and didn't want to miss the bus. The buses were lined up with a few of them for the full and a few for the half with big signs in the front window indicating full or half, yet some full marathoners still managed to get on a half bus. Really, I know it is super early but you have been training for months to run up this huge hill you think they would double check what bus they are on. The bus drivers were very nice and shoved them off at the full start.

As I munched on my toast we drove higher and higher up th…

Mount Lemmon Eve

Woke up with a mixture of excitement and dread when I realized that four months ago this sounded like a great idea....but now that I have to actually do it...not so sure. That is a pretty big hill I paid to plod up. But commitment is commitment so I drug the spousal unit to the expo which was kind of a flop. But in their defense I guess there was an article in the paper this morning about changes to the race. There was really nothing there except for numbers, shirts and an opportunity to buy another Mount Lemmon race shirt. Not sure how many one girl needs (though tempting since it was non-tech which means normal everyday wear to flaunt my accomplishment. But it was bright yellow so no go.)

but on the upside with nothing to look at or buy we left with our pockets full of cash (or change) and with plenty of extra time to do our usual Saturday activity...sitting around. In the goody bag there was also a lot of nothing so...that was exciting. We did get a water bottle which I fully intend…