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Good Girl Gone Trail: Nicole

On to the next fantastic teammate- may I introduce you to Smoky Mountain Relay Team Good Girls Gone Trail member Nicole! Hi my name is Nicole and I’m a Runner.
2 years ago, this would've not been the first sentence to start my bio, today it is. 2 years ago the reason for this bio would've not been a 212.5 mile relay, today it is.
I used to hate running. I specifically remember that time of the year when we had to run at school. 2000m on the track. Worst. Time. Ever. I hated it so much it wasn’t even funny. Now looking back at it – that was less than 1.5 miles – was I really THAT out of shape at the age of 16? Scary.

In 2009 I met my husband in Baumholder, Germany. He used to say things like “Let’s go run together! It’ll be fun!” and I would just laugh because clearly the words run and fun would not be in one of my sentences together.But I knew it was important to him so eventually I did it. And almost died. During the next few years I would run a little bit more, mostly at the gy…

Good Girl Gone Trail: Ashley

On to the next awesome team member. May I introduce you to Smoky Mountain Relay Team Good Girls Gone Trail member Ashley!  For the love of running. And by love I mean choosing to stick with something because you are committed. I didn't start running because I wanted to. A deal was made, I ended up enjoying it, and here I am 9 years later, still running.  I run for many reasons, just like most people who run, but my favorite reason is for the love of running (and if someone is chasing me and the happy endorphins). Anyways, to just go run. No plan, no course, no watch, no agenda, just go run.
On the flip-side, I am super competitive. If you and I are running towards a finish line 50 yards away you have a very slim chance of beating me. Oh, and watch out for my elbows. Just ask my college coach, he'll tell you many stories about how well I used those in races.
I competitively ran 5Ks and 6Ks in high school and cross country, but now I am trying out longer distances to see if I …

Good Girls Gone Trail: Cathy

I am super excited to be part of 
and be surrounded by such inspiring women. Over the next week or so I get to introduce you all to them and you will understand why running over 30 hours across 212.5 miles of the Appalachian Mountains seems like such a fun idea!

May I introduce you to Smoky Mountain Relay Team Good Girls Gone Trail member Cathy!!!
Name:                                     Cathy Alford Age:                                         60 Occupation:                            Life & Leadership Coach Personal:                                Married, Mother & Grandmother
Cathy share with us a little about your running background and why you signed on for the craziness that is a relay. I am energized by setting goals and methodically take steps to reach those goals in a way that encourages me and others to believe we are capable of so much more than our minds tell us.
I’ve never been an athlete even though I married a decathlete and he is what I would consider a total a…

22 Mile Prep Done Right

Saturday night I made sure to methodically prepare for my Sunday 22 mile run by....oh no wait this happened

It was Christa's birthday so we had to go out
Happy Birthday Christa!!! Hope it was a great one!
ehhh I was still in bed by 11 and kept the celebrating to a minimum amount so was still able to peel myself out of bed and get my run on. I am that person. You know the one that leaves any and all sorts of events early because I have a long run in the morning. And I am not even sorry about it (okay I was a little sorry these girls are fun and the second band was apparently awesome). I have never trained so hard for something in my life as I have for Albany. And I think it is paying off. Ran 22 miles in 3:36:56 today. The fastest I have ever run 22 miles and that was even with over dressing and sweating an unnatural amount. See below splits sent to coach in an email after:3:39:56 for 22 miles of fun 1-9:48 2-9:59 3-9:55 4-9:37 5-9:45 6-9:55 7-9:44 8-9:39 9-10:06 10-10:03 11-11:08- hey fun si…

Mercedes & SMR & other excitement!

First things first- thank you for all the wonderful feedback about the Kena interview! I had a feeling you all would be inspired by her as much as I am. I am hoping to ask, bribe, beg other amazing runners I know to be profiled on the blog and want to make this a fairly frequent feature. There are so many of you out there doing amazing feats and I am just so nosy I want to hear about them all. If you are or know someone that would like to be profiled on here please contact me. And due to a nice email from a reader as a result of this profile two things happened, one I became aware of another awesome blog (If you are interested in reading about ultras or awesomeness check it out) and two, I am already thinking of doing another 24 hour race in July called Merrill's Miles because I have apparently gone insane. But one race at a time and next up is....

I haven't raced a half in awhile. I paced one the beginning of this month but I am excited to get out there and …

Run for six days straight? Sure no problem!

So one of the awesome things about my life right now is the fact that I get to be around some amazing runners! I get to work with them, run with them, pick their brain on all kinds of running related things. Basically it is a big run nerd fest 24/7 over here. One of the main things being around all this running greatness does is inspire me. I thought if I am inspired you all might be inspired too! So I am asking some of these amazing people to share some of their wit and wisdom with us.
First up is Kena! Kena recently ran Across the Years- a six day running event and totally rocked it. Yep 6 days of running people- mind blown!
Now I have repeatedly told Kena I have a big 'ole run crush on her (yep more than once- things are getting creepy over here) because I think she is just amazing. My guess after reading this you will too.
So Kena tell us a little about yourself! How did you start running? What are your favorite distances? Favorite after running treat? Must have running gear?
I a…

Savannah for the win

Thank you D for taking me to Savannah! We had such an amazing time! If you get the chance to go do it!
Things to do: -Walk the Historic District - See Forsyth Park - Shop in the City Market area - Walk the Riverfront -Explore Skidaway Island State Park -Get a drink and wander - Stop at points of interest from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (do not watch the movie instead- read the book, you can still watch the movie but the book is 1000 times better). -Bonaventure Cemetery 

Places to eat/drink:
-Vinnie Van GoGos
-Crystal Beer Palace
-Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor
-Tequila's Tacos
-Pirate's House

Places to run:
-Lake Mayer- 1.5 mile loop around a lake with an awesome track
-Forsyth park- about a mile around
- Around the historic districts- lots of stop and go to cross streets

One of my favorite cities that I have visited thus far!

Skidaway Island State Park

Savannah is amazing. Been doing a lot of eating, a lot of drinking and a little bit of running. Today we went to Skidaway Island State Park to walk off some calories and it was amazing.

This excursion was Max approved.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!