22 Mile Prep Done Right

Saturday night I made sure to methodically prepare for my Sunday 22 mile run by....oh no wait this happened

It was Christa's birthday so we had to go out

Amanda, Victoria, Christa, Jordan, and me livin large at The Loft for comedy night
Happy Birthday Christa!!! Hope it was a great one!

ehhh I was still in bed by 11 and kept the celebrating to a minimum amount so was still able to peel myself out of bed and get my run on. I am that person. You know the one that leaves any and all sorts of events early because I have a long run in the morning. And I am not even sorry about it (okay I was a little sorry these girls are fun and the second band was apparently awesome). I have never trained so hard for something in my life as I have for Albany. And I think it is paying off. Ran 22 miles in 3:36:56 today. The fastest I have ever run 22 miles and that was even with over dressing and sweating an unnatural amount. See below splits sent to coach in an email after:
3:39:56 for 22 miles of fun
1-      9:48
2-      9:59
3-      9:55
4-      9:37
5-      9:45
6-      9:55
7-      9:44
8-      9:39
9-      10:06
10-   10:03
11-   11:08- hey fun side note the last mile of the river trail on the base is composed totally of soul crushing hills- did not know that.
12-   9:58
13-   9:42
14-   9:17 –I don’t remember a bear chasing me but that is what this seems to indicate
15-   10:06
16-   10:18-started to get awkwardly sweaty, like sweat through all clothing sweaty
17-   10:12
18-   10:15
19-   10:24
20-   10:35
21-   10:24
22-   9:59- tried to throw down for the last mile, mostly made me want to throw up.

I like to think the mile commentary really adds something to the mile splits in the email.....but probably not. 

53 miles ran this week. I am hopeful that after tapering I can get a little more speed and hold on a little longer at a faster pace the day of the marathon. We shall see.

Good news: That was the last 20 mile or above training run before Albany. Now it is all short stuff...you know like 18 milers...... 


  1. This is amazing training...it must give you so much confidence!

  2. You are awesome!!!! Awesome job.

  3. You know you're ready for a race when an 18 mile training run is a short one.

  4. Wow! You are really rocking it!


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