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I'm a genius!

After waking up this morning it totally felt like it would take this kind of scenario to get me running
But once I got going I totally killed it

or at least went faster on this 8 mile run than the last one. Whoohooo and it only took two Swedish fish (which I cannot chew while trying to run and breath at the same time, serious threat of choking so best excuse for a walk break yet).

I came to the realization today as I watched other runners blow past my on the running path that I am the only runner around who wears old race shirts to run in. I actually only own three non-race tech shirts. This may mean I am not the cool kid on the block. But what else am I supposed to do with them. And who is going to pay the non-race shirts for me to wear (not me, I am too broke after signing up for races....where I get the "…

Time for a Long Run Again?

Saturday I pounded out 8 miles:

Split Time Distance Avg Pace Summary1:34:51.58.0111:50.2

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil

The time has just about come....for me to pack my bags, take four plane rides, and I will arrive here:
Porto de Galinhas, Brazil baby....oh yeah.
I am going for a conference....but I am not totally sold on learning while I am in paradise. When I am not presenting my work, which will take about 30 minutes. I fully intend to be drinking one of these (well maybe not the green one)
while looking at this
Can not wait!!! Now if only the professors would stop trying to punish me for leaving town by piling on the work.
Luckily the resort has a running track and a lap pool and a gym, so no excuses for not getting in my runs/ workouts. Unfortunately the resort is all inclusive so I see a lot of eating and drinking in my future (gotta get your money's worth).  Soooo....we will see how that battle turns out.

Ran my three miles this morning at a fairly quick clip (even though I have a head cold...somebody should give me a cookie)- finally cooler in the desert in the morning. About time. 8 mile lo…

Mount Lemmon Run #1

In preparation for the Mount Lemmon half I decided that a few training runs up the mountain would be in my best interest. So this morning I gathered up my road crew and we hit the road.

 I was a little more excited than D (probably something about me waking him up at 6am to chauffeur my butt up a mountain only to have to sit around for almost two hours as I puffed it up the mountain and then having to sit with my sweaty self while I complained about feeling car sick on the way down, in my defense I did take him out to breakfast after, choc chip banana pancakes for me, b-fast burrito for him).  Isn't marriage grand! Thank you hubby!

After D tossed me out of the car at Windy Point I huffed and puffed and walked ( a lot) 7.3 miles uphill (yes uphill the whole way). ELEVATION GAIN: 1,817ft. I went a lot slower (average pace a sad 14 min/mile) than I thought I would but I didn't feel like I was going to die at the end so I probably could have pushed a little harder. Plus there was …

Three Things Thursday

1. I love my zensah compression sleeves, they rock so much I wore them for like 5 hours yesterday. Umm not really necessary
2. My visor is awesome and I give it a thumbs up (and a one eyed stare)
3. I apparently think my feet are tinier than they are since I ordered shoes in the wrong size. Hello the only other shoes I wear are these
Not really but I do wear size 12 in running shoes (I am tall people stop judging) so not far off from the truth.

So Clydesdale huh...

So while I was doing my normal perusing of the internet instead of reading the 800 million pages of political science journal article dribble that I need to be reading if I am ever going to pass my comprehensive exams I decided to register for the Tucson Half Marathon. On the form (which I did old school mail in style to save a few bucks from, suck on it and no I don't want a three month trial of every fitness magazine known to man) it asks if you are a Clydesdale which had males above 190lbs and females above 160lbs. So I guess I am this
Which okay whatever. I should be around 160lbs to be at a healthy weight- it is a goal of mine so not feeling too bad. And Clydesdale horses are pretty and they get to be in beer commercials about football and they used to pull fire trucks so they got to hang with dalmatians and hot firemen
(yes you're welcome) but then I pulled up the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon and females over 140lbs are listed as a Clydesdale, …

Monday Musings

I took a break this weekend from my usual long run after my shins started to ache. I realized I am really scared of hurting myself again. I get kind of anal about getting my weekly runs in...must follow schedule. But I think I need to relax. Better to skip a few and be able to run, than broken, in a cast, hanging with my friends Ben & Jerry. Plus I shelled out some mighty fine cash for the 1/2's I registered for so I would like to run them. Because running is fun.....OKAY I like medals (exactly how much I like them see below). So missing a run is okay. Rest is good (repeat mantra). The good thing that came out of resting was that I ran a good pace on my three mile run this morning. Whooohooo. And I wore my running skirt, which now fits (actually a little saggy in the beginning until I started to sweat, what too much detail?), and looks pretty cute. And....................there was minimal chaffing. (Sooo much detail).

This weekend I also got around to hanging my awesome medal …

Three Things Thursday

1) Found these bad boys for only $54.  I am not saying I am the ultimate bargain shopper (I also got 15% off with a coupon code) but I am pretty dang good.
2) Ordered the Zensah Calf/Shin Recovery sleeves:
3) My sweet new visor (which soon will be stained a nice shade of off-white from all the sweat brought on my the AZ sun) but looks pretty fantastic now!

On a related note: If you would like to donate to the Bean likes to run fund please contact me as I apparently have a new addiction to Running warehouse