Time for a Long Run Again?

Saturday I pounded out 8 miles:

Avg Pace
It went okay. I started out fairly slow and stayed that way because I have a head cold and was feeling kind of crappy. For some reason after I had a GU at mile 5 things kind of fell apart. I think the fact that I couldn't get the GU open and had to stop for a few minutes to wrestle with it kind of sent things down hill and then I had to run past my car to the turn around point. For some reason when I do that it is like the car has a force field that is calling me back. 

In preparation for the million gazillion flights over two days to get to Brazil I have switched my running schedule around and tomorrow it is time for an 8 miler again. Ahhhhhh. Because I have had a cold I have taken that last two days off to sleep in and try to get over it. But now I have decided that I am over it (the growing pile of tissues besides me might convey a different message) and it is time to run. I have scouted out a loop to avoid the force field car situation. So hopefully I will keep it together better on the last few miles. 
Only problem is that I don't have any GU or chomps to eat tomorrow. So my solution:
use my airplane ride candy that I have for fuel. How different are they really from chomps? 


  1. I use swedish fish and gummies all the time if I don't have anything else (or if I'm being cheap and/or lazy and don't want to go to the store!) Works well :)


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