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Month in Review: November

Miles run: 92 (goal set: 80) Cross training: Weight lifting, Yoga, spinning & elliptical  Half Marathons Completed: 1 in 2:20: 02
Medals obtained: 1!
Feel pretty good about November. Ran more than I thought I would and am getting faster. I still don't have those freakin Tom's glitter shoes and have stalled on the weight loss but I expected that to happen with the holidays. My response is to get better at calorie counting again and I have thrown in a walk with Max the wonder dog a few times a week to burn a few more.

I have done more cross training than usual (No more pool since it is freezing in the morning). My right foot has been sore still and am not sure why. The plan is to cut down on the running and do more cross training for a week or two until it is feeling better. I have two halves coming up this week and next (Fiesta Bowl and Tucson 1/2s). When those are done I think I will take a full week off of running and spin/yoga and walk and go from there.

Goals for Decem…

Shout Out to the Hubby

When we had Thanksxmas the other day the hubby and I exchanged gifts and he got me:
Nike tempo shorts
New running sunglasses: Maxx brand in an awesome royal blue color
Book: Going Long full of fun running stories

Not only does he endure me buying running shoes like it is my job, signing up for every race in a 500 mile radius, get up early to cheer me on at races, listen (or at least nod and smile) when I come home from a run and want to rehash every step but he also gets my fun running gifts. You are the best D!

Workout Sunday: 45 min spin, Yoga by Jillian (she really is evil)
Workout Monday: 6 mile run in an hour

Give Thanks for the 10lbs I just gained

So this week has been awesome. The parents-in-law arrived Tuesday evening and it was non-stop fun and eating until they left this morning. And then we just kept eating to honor their departure.

 Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one day. Thanksxmas. Best day ever, tons of food and presents. I scored these sweet things along with a sweater and a robe. It has been a non-stop reading fest for me. Love it.

After cooking and stuffing our faces all day Thursday, Friday the MIL and I got pedicures.  My feet almost look normal.
After toes we met the men folk at the bar where they waited for us and headed out for some Mexican nourishment because sitting in a massage chair having someone else paint your toes really works up an appetite. 

We also put up the Christmas decorations. Nellie was disappointed to find out the tree skirt was not for her.

 I am thankful that the parents-in-law were able to come spend the holidays with us and for my home and family. All in all, a gr…

Xmas came early

My right foot has been hurting for awhile so yesterday I decided to do something about it before I ended up with a serious injury and this blog turned into the sad place where I complain about not running. I got different shoes (Fleet Feet shout out) (empty wallet shout out). Even though I have been wearing Saucony shoes forever now, when they switched from Pro Guide 3 to Pro Guide 4 something happened. My foot changed or the shoe changed but my right foot and shoe just kept fighting so they decided to split up and only see each other on four mile or under runs. For long runs my feet are now dating......

And this relationship is looking pretty good. I haven't been running yet, decided to bike this morning and let my right foot/ankle recover a little but Wednesday is the first date so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed it is magical. Plus these Nike shoes are super hot. I mean just look at the flashy blue color. Plus they make my feet look a little smaller than normal, like n…


Six mile run this morning. Threw back some coffee (oh coffee how I love you) and some cliff bar chewy things (official name there) and headed out. And then I ran. Surprisingly fast.

Mile 19:58.0
Mile 29:45.1
Mile 310:01.7
Mile 49:47.0
Mile 59:57.1
Mile 69:42.6
6 miles in 59:15 woot

For someone who is used to seeing mile times starting with 10:XX, 11:XX and 12:XX to see a nine repeatedly is just weird. In a good way.
Now I must confess. I ran three miles. Took a quick walk/ water break and then ran the last three miles (truth comes out). But considering the last two miles were uphill some of the way that is still pretty good.
Since running fairly well at the last half my new goal is to step up my game. It is a three part plan

 run faster more consistentlyTry to keep my form and pace when I get tired  Run my long runs with the second half faster than the first since I tend to die around mile 8  And hopefully pushing myself to run faster will help ki…

Lesson Learned

squats lunges or

 The day before running unless you are a fan of shuffling with a pained/constipated look on your face.
Duly noted.
(and yes you are welcome for the bare chestedness if that is your style, otherwise I apologize.)

Shun the Sun 1/2 Race Review

So after dreaming that I kept missing the race and waking up in a panic my alarm finally went off at 5:30a.m. After drinking some coffee and eating a peppermint stick cliff bar (yum on that one) D and I headed to the start at 6:20.

 Everything was very organized and easy to get to. We got to park right next to the start and there were indoor bathrooms since the start was at Hohokam Stadium. Score.

We started in a parking lot and ran out into the road and then onto a path by a canal for the rest of the way. The course was out and back. We started right on time at 7a.m. It was a little chilly and overcast- perfect running weather.
Half of the course was on a paved path. Half of it was on gravel. There were aid stations about every three miles the first half and then about every two miles the second half. Gu was offered at the turn around point and they started offering gatorade with water at the turn around point as well.

My only real complaint about the course is that the part on grave…

Shun the Sun 1/2 Eve....and a trip to heaven

After tricking our friends J and B into watching the hellhounds

 (okay we asked nicely, thanks guys!) D and I were free and clear to head out from Tucson bright and early (yes 10 a.m. is bright & early according to us) to drive down to Mesa so I can run the Shun the Sun half marathon on Saturday.
 On the way we found heaven. And it is a bright blue and yellow box containing every type of furniture you can build with a peg system plus other awesome stuff like one million tea lights for $1.99 (I bought three bags because that kind of deal just can not go unrewarded).

After wandering through there for what seemed like forever we stumbled back to the car in a Ikea induced haze and headed for race packet pick-up at Hohokam Stadium (we also stumbled out with a new kitchen rug, candle holder, desk protector, tea lights, and trash can. oh and lighter wallets.)

The packet pick-up was a health expo so it was mostly spas and people who wanted to resurface my face. Not great. We got there at …

Breaking News....

Nine pounds away from glitter will be mine (whaaahaaaa evil laughter).

In other news Just a Colorado Gal is having her first giveaway so check it out! I know I like free stuff and giveaways so betting everyone else does too.

This morning I ran 8 miles. I decided to try out my new running shorts because I am slow and thought wearing shorts when it is 35 degrees out would be fine. On the plus side I did look fairly decent and less homeless for once. I work a long sleeve pink tech shirt that matched my new running shoes and black shorts. Pretty coordinated for me.

But my legs were numb for the first four miles. This did result in the first mile being under 10 minutes. I had to recover from a mini-heart attack after about a mile at a stop light. That is when I realized things were getting out of hand. Unfortunately when I started to feel my legs they said NO. The first four numb miles were fine and the last four miles were slow torture.

I ran 8 miles in 1:28. Not the best o…

Shun the Sun 1/2 Goals

So Saturday is .......drum roll.............................................
the Shun the Sun half marathon in Mesa. So time to set some goals I guess. Since Mount Lemmon was uphill (have I mentioned that) I am not really sure what to expect. I have been running pretty quick for me lately but I feel that is one or two excited miles at the beginning of a race from being a burn out that results in a twelve minute mile limp towards the end. So the goals are:
1) Not die (I feel this is a standard that should not be abandoned) 2) Finish the race (whoooo medals) 3) okay time to raise the bar--- finish between 2:30 and 2:40  4) have fun and obtain sweet swag 
Not so sure about number four and the swag since it is a health expo (ugh healthy- hand me wine and chocolate) and not really a running expo. Tricky.

On a side note school makes me feel like
Count down to the end of the semester.... only fourish more weeks ugh..........I think I need a nap.

Dia de los muertos

This morning I jumped out of bed, put on my racing red striped pants and hit the running path. I ran 10 miles in 1:45:54. Almost the same exact time to run 9 miles about two weeks age. Maybe that red stripe does make me faster. Whooohoooo. I can only image that soon I will be ticking of 5 minute miles and should probably plan on prepping myself to compete in the NYC marathon next year (which I totally want to run sometime before I die, just not at the front).
After some economics homework and laundry (exciting life I lead) D and I headed downtown to watch the all souls procession. But before we could stand around and watch other people walk by we had to fuel up. We went to Bison Witches and had sandwiches.

 After all our fueling up it was time to hit the street. The procession was pretty entertaining. All kinds of costumes, music, dancers and an exiting finish with the U of A marching band.

Some of the procession was kind of creepy but most of it was really cool. I had no idea it was…