Xmas came early

My right foot has been hurting for awhile so yesterday I decided to do something about it before I ended up with a serious injury and this blog turned into the sad place where I complain about not running. I got different shoes (Fleet Feet shout out) (empty wallet shout out). Even though I have been wearing Saucony shoes forever now, when they switched from Pro Guide 3 to Pro Guide 4 something happened. My foot changed or the shoe changed but my right foot and shoe just kept fighting so they decided to split up and only see each other on four mile or under runs. For long runs my feet are now dating......

Look at those sexy ankles whooo
And this relationship is looking pretty good. I haven't been running yet, decided to bike this morning and let my right foot/ankle recover a little but Wednesday is the first date so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed it is magical. Plus these Nike shoes are super hot. I mean just look at the flashy blue color. Plus they make my feet look a little smaller than normal, like normal size instead of clown. Where have you been all my life Nike.

In other exciting news we finally have local channels on TV in our house. We did just watch shows online since paying for cable makes me angry but I decided that if I don't see the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade I will never be the same so D got me an antenna and set it up so now we can watch the parade....and news and other stuff. Yayyyyyy another way to ignore school work and waste time. LOVE IT. I am watching the Today show right now. How did I ever live without you Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and the rest of the crew.
Plus commercials whoohooo
And D's parents come tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I see delicious food in my future. Plus we are going to celebrate Christmas with them when they are here. Yay. Presents. This week is looking AWESOME!



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