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This week I am running my 30th half marathon. I came up with the goal of running 30 half marathons before turning 30 as I was sitting injured after running my 3rd half marathon, the Women's Half in Scottsdale AZ. I had over done it really in my preparation to run the Tucson marathon. The half was the straw that broke the camel's back you could say as I toed the starting line injured and ended even more injured (A few days prior I had been to the doctor who advised that running might be a bad idea but that I was obviously going to do it so there wasn't much he could do, I am currently still working on my listening skills). I have never run the Tucson marathon, perhaps one day.

 I can't help but find it slightly funny, ironic, completely and utterly frustrating that when I toe the line (at 6:30 a.m.- half marathons in the summer get the party started early) for my 30th half on Thursday (Happy Birthday America) it will be injured. I will be toeing the starting line for th…

I may have a slight addiction

An addiction to running gear. And bad reality television, but let's tackle one problem at a time.

and this 

are the newest additions to my workout/ running collection of awesome gear that I can just not live without.

So this is me only in addition to races add gear.
Exciting news!!!! I broke my own I am not going to run until the 4th of July half' rule and went for a run this morning and it went great. Now I did a tiny run on the treadmill on Tuesday and I felt fine. So today I headed outside for a three miler that turned into a five miler when I discovered a new running trail. I can not believe I did not know it was there. There is this dirt road entrance that I have run by probably a million times and never went down it but today I did and it is a nature area with a trail through a beautiful forest. All of the sudden I was running through the early morning fog in the sunrise with a herd of deer hanging out and birds flying around. It was like I fell through a closet doo…

Things to do when you are not running

Not running for at least an hour a day really frees up some time. 
Some non-running activities that I did this weekend include torturing Max with a four mile walk around town.
Just kidding he loved it. He would still be out walking if I could keep up.
A trip down to Milwaukee for 

 My favorite animal in sand, love it.

 A really fun festival with hundreds of artists, entrance to the art museum's galleries, live music and food. I learned my tolerance for looking at art has about a two hour time frame and then I just want a snack. I also found what I will be doing on July 27th. Thanks sign in park.

 I don't want to offend any of my Chicago peeps but I gotta say when it comes to traffic and cheap parking Milwaukee wins hands down. For around twenty bucks I had an awesome day. Five bucks can't even get me into Chicago.

 And just so I don't get to comfortable with this life of leisure and culture I am fostering I have some reads going to keep me motivated to get back out th…

Repeat: You will not freak out

I am taking more time off. My Achilles is still acting up so I am going to give it more rest. And I am trying very, very hard to not freak out and get frustrated. And I am totally nailing it...

 sort of.
Okay so I may have thrown a little fit. But since then I have decided that instead of a set back (because I am supposed to be marathon training/ preparing for my final 30 before 30 half marathon of amazingness) it is an opportunity. Hello strength training.  I have focused on increasing my strength which apparently involves these things known as muscles. I haven't really located any on me yet but apparently they will appear if I do this long enough. I think it is working. The rest of my body hurts so bad I can't even feel if my tendon is still sore.

The general plan is to not run at all next week- so that will essentially be three weeks mostly off ( a tiny attempt at running this past week doesn't really count). Hopefully this will be enough rest that I can get back at it.

Red Letter Day

Look what came in the mail today

Magic, pure magic

Besides race mornings and PRs, new shoes are the most exciting thing in a runner's life. Well in this runner's life anyway. 
My tendon pain flared up a bit after Tuesday's magic, naked run of awesome (pretty sure I also saw a unicorn while out there). Usually when this type of pain sets in I can blame the shoes. Too many miles, corrective inserts for those of us who have a 'special' stride too flat or a combo of both. Or just not supportive enough shoes to begin with. So we are going to try the above pictured blue and green beauties tomorrow and see if running feels better. 
One thing I cannot seem to do for no apparent reason other than I am just lazy is keep track of the mileage on my shoes. I could write it down, I could keep a spreadsheet which would work well with my full on nerdiness, even just estimate looking back. But no for some reason I refuse. But no more. Today, TODAY I vow to keep track of the mileage…

Naked Running

This morning I woke up planning to do speed work and then chickened out. I didn't want to aggrivate my tendon issue with too much awesomeness so instead I decided on an easy run on the bike path. I went to put my Garmin on......

                                 and it was

I mean....
                         I don't.......
                                                      What am I supposed to do with that?
I burned through 15 minutes on Google searching for how to fix it before finally remembering that I can run without it. Right....running can be done without a Garmin?

Yes, yes it can be. So I headed out the door on a six mile loop I know by heart and totally blew it out of the water. When I got back and did the pace calculation I ran a 9 minute pace on average to include a warm-up and cool-down mile meaning at some point I had to be running in the 8's.

That's right. 8's. And it d…

Congrats to the Newly Weds!

This past week I have done zero running, lots of eating and a ton of celebrating. And I loved every minute of it. I switched hats from runner to photographer and here are some favorite shots from my sister's wedding.

Congrats Sister and Bro-in-Law.  You guys are too cute!

A Pain in the Tendon

This week was supposed to be the week of running in Colorado oh and my sister is getting married. Instead I will be resting- actively resting- but not running. I did get one run in and it was great but I am thinking no more this week. A pain in my Achilles has finally forced me to be the adult in the situation and say 'self stop being dumb, if your leg hurts that is a sign something is wrong stop running on it'. Uhhhh I hate being the adult.

But since I have my final half marathon to reach my 30 before 30 goal in July and have paid a butt load and a half to run two marathons in the fall- Half Moon Bay and Chicago- no time like the present to rest due to fall excitement. Plus there is much wedding excitement going on so really I should be focusing on cake consumption!

I leave you with random vacation pictures.

Training Plans

Thursday was a workout and a half (12 x 400 with 400 recovery). My first speed session in like....well.... it felt like ever but probably since I ran with a running group a few years ago. So that hurt. In a good, I will get stronger sort of way. At least that is what I keep telling myself. 
This weekend I am off to Colorado for wedding fun with a side of higher altitude running. I was trying to decide if I need to make any tweaks to my training plan but I think I can fit it all in. I am under way with training for fall marathons. After three marathons and one million half marathons (okay 29) I have discovered a thing or two about training plans.
The most important thing to know about training plans- there is no magical one. They all come with slightly different advice and science to support them. If there was one training plan that resulted in a PR every time or worked for everyone then we would all be using it. Unfortunately it is not that simple. Here are a few things to keep in mi…

Most exciting news ever!

I have registered to run this
And I have somehow convinced this very amazing runner to put up with me for a few days I can't tell you how excited I am. I think I just peed myself a little.
Running a marathon from my marathon bucket list- check Getting to run and hang with one of my all time favorite run bloggers and convince her that we are meant to be best friend's for life with a side of cupcake eating- double check.
What is the most exciting thing to happen to you lately?

Adventures in Milwaukee

This weekend I was lucky enough to have family come visit. On Saturday we decided to head to Milwaukee to see what we could see. 
The first stop was the St. Josaphat Basilica

Second stop was the Pabst Mansion- no photography allowed inside but it was amazing.

Next stop the Public Market
Where I found the street I would like to live on
and located all the major food groups.  Cheese
and Wine.
It was a magical place.
Next we located the North Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

Overall it was a great weekend! Thanks family for coming to visit!