Red Letter Day

Look what came in the mail today

Magic, pure magic

Besides race mornings and PRs, new shoes are the most exciting thing in a runner's life. Well in this runner's life anyway. 

My tendon pain flared up a bit after Tuesday's magic, naked run of awesome (pretty sure I also saw a unicorn while out there). Usually when this type of pain sets in I can blame the shoes. Too many miles, corrective inserts for those of us who have a 'special' stride too flat or a combo of both. Or just not supportive enough shoes to begin with. So we are going to try the above pictured blue and green beauties tomorrow and see if running feels better. 

One thing I cannot seem to do for no apparent reason other than I am just lazy is keep track of the mileage on my shoes. I could write it down, I could keep a spreadsheet which would work well with my full on nerdiness, even just estimate looking back. But no for some reason I refuse. But no more. Today, TODAY I vow to keep track of the mileage on my shoes so that when they get close to the 400 mile mark I know to replace. This seems smarter than the method I use now which is waiting until something starts to hurt. 

Do you track shoe mileage? 
If yes, how do you do it?
What is the most exciting thing to hit your mailbox lately?

Side note, if you haven't looked at this you should grab yourself a tissue and do so
I always did love Mr. Rogers.


  1. you have daily mile! Track your shoe mileage on there... Thats what I do.Its so freaking easy! when youre inputting a workout click "more detail" and then "add gear"... each time you log a run just click on the shoe you wear and it calculates the mileage...

  2. I keep a rough estimate of when I start my shoes. Running through a lot of bad weather can shorten their span too. I know now its about 3 months and I need a new pair if i try to get the longer rate out of them. I try to start looking at the wear on them after 2 months to get a feel of what their decay rate is.

    I too look at the 400-500 range.
    Most exciting mailbox hit lately...Fathers day cards I would say!

  3. Yay! New shoes! I really like the colors on yours. I got a new pair this week, too :)

    I do track my shoe mileage, in the side bar, on my blog. I pay attention to tread + mileage though. I had to ditch some last week barely over 200 because the tread was almost gone on one corner!

  4. My shoe store gave away cool dry erase magnets that you could update mileage on your fridge or wherever you stick the magnet. I just use the notes app in my iphone. Because I have several in rotation, I have the name of the shoe and just update the mileage after runs. I'm sure I forget sometimes, but for the most part it works.

    Your new shoes are rockin the blue and green. Love it!

  5. I have these same shoes - love them! I track the miles on my shoes with the Nike+ software. So happy to hear you reached your goal - nice going!


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