The forever taper

The weird thing about running all of the marathons and half marathons in a month and a half's time is that it really throws off the normal schedule of working out. I haven't been lifting cause I don't want to hurt myself and because I need all the power my under trained body can muster to finish the next two marathons on the schedule. Getting burnt out on lifting seems not smart right now.

 I also haven't been running very much unless it involves a finish line and a medal because I am worried about doing too much and my tendinitis coming back and frankly I have just been tired and sore from doing a marathon and then a half back to back. I did three miles this morning and it took forever and I was just not interested in running at all. Completing three miles took all of my willpower.

Not doing anything physical has left me with some extra time on my hands which I have used to catch up on some reading.

This book is dark but as I read on I liked it more and more. The main character is broken and not nice and at first that made me uncomfortable because often times in books (and movies and media in general) female characters are just a pretty side dish, lacking personality or grit, not able to be vicious or ugly in looks or personality and that is what I have grown to expect which is unfortunate. Knoll creates a story and main character that is broken but with good reason but thaws a bit overtime and by the end I was rooting for her.

A random find at the library before I headed to the Twin Cities area which is the setting for this book and the main reason I picked it up. Stradal does a great job of weaving several story lines together into a complete and satisfying story. A quick read that includes some recipes which I thought was a nice touch. Anyone into foodie culture or from Minnesota I think will enjoy this book. 

Yes, just yes read this book. I know it is a movie now and because Matt Damon I will see it but read the book. It is funny and anxiety inducing and I couldn't but it down. And just to clear any confusion up humans have never been to mars. If you can find an edition that interviews the author I would recommend grabbing that one to read about all the effort put into the book to be accurate. 

If you loved Water for Elephants which I did you will like this book as well. Or if you love a story about finding yourself and falling in love this one is for you. I couldn't put it down and thought Gruen did an amazing job of creating a very engaging tale. 

Much like The Martian, you must read this book. Station Eleven moves from pre-apocalyptic to post-apocalyptic time fluidly and gives you many amazing and engaging characters. It makes you realize how fragile life is and appreciate the modern conveniences we take for granted. Word of warning, not the best to read on a plane breathing recycled air, it might just freak you out a bit as it did me.

10 days until Marine Corp Marathon! Probably get in a few more reads before then as the longest taper in the world continues.....


  1. Bleh taper can be soul-sucking. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It is for a good cause I guess....medals! ;)

  2. That lifting gif is painful to watch! Also, I read the Martian earlier this year and loved it. I haven't seen the movie yet - it's on the to do list!


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