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Brace yourself Minneapolis

I am coming to town.
Whelp it's that time. Time to pack way too many things so when I pick my suitcase up from baggage claim the poor people I am with have a moment of panic that I am actually staying for months instead of days.

The high's in Minneapolis are projected to be in the low 60s. I am excited and confused at the same time. Our low's here in El Paso have not even reached the low 60s yet. What does that feel like? I don't remember. Are the snow boots and parka overkill....? I am so excited to maybe go a whole day without breaking into a heavy sweat. It will be so refreshing.

I feel ready to run. Excited to do one of the top 10 marathons. Excited to visit my friends. One thing I am not excited about, this:

The protest planned for the marathon
I am a bit worried that things could turn ugly. I do not want my friends out on the course spectating if things turn violent or disruptive. I myself do not want to be on the course if this happens. I also do not think that t…

The Last Hurrah

This happened this week.

 Short hair don't care. After like two years of pretty long hair it was time for it to go. I feel so light and free. Maybe I can run faster now.....

Sunday was my last long run with my training group because next weekend I will be running a marathon!. So up the mountain we went.

And up and up and up and then down we went for 13 miles. And they freakin killed it. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the people you are coaching kick butt so totally and completely! They are gonna kick so much butt race day.

One of my runners caught this pic of me flailing about but super happy to be going downhill with only about four miles (and one giant hill) to go. I think I am waving. Or running with jazz hands. Who doesn't love a good jazz hand.

 The best part of our run is this view because it means it is pretty much all downhill to the finish.

After our awesome 13 miles we decided to drink because between running and drinking, drinking is what we do best. …

It Finally Happened

Last week I finally got a long run in. Started way, way, waaayyy too early and did six miles before I met up with my half marathon training group which meets at 6 a.m. So yeah too freakin early.

There is something kind of magic about being out and about while the rest of the world sleeps. Empty streets and silence. You know what is more magical? My nice warm and comfortable bed. But the marathon scares me so long runs at the crack of dawn must happen. 

I think doing my long run this way was the smartest thing I have done in awhile. The last twelve miles were awesome because I got to run with some of my favorite people and they made the miles fly by. Mentally so much easier than rolling along by myself. Now for everyone who had to hear me complain about being tired and sore the miles may not have flown by as quickly.

The only down side was the route we do for half marathon training is tough, tough, TOUGH. Practically up and over a mountain and then so many hills. One of the toughest ru…

What you shouldn't do

is talk about how awesome trail running is and how you didn't fall cause the next thing that happens is this

aka a giant face plant into the dirt. Luckily I saved my face. But my hands and legs unfortunately made out hard core with the dirt and rocks. But once I was up and walked for a few minutes and seriously contemplated packing it in I realized that I was perfectly fine. My running buddy was nice enough to be super cool about my inability to stay upright and was totally fine with going back to the car but then I was like welllllll we are already out here and my hands are gonna hurt either way. So we finished the run cause ya know why not. And even though I was covered in dirt and some blood it was actually a really fun run. Towards the end of the run I noticed that something seemed to be lodged in my hand (the hand not covered in scrapes pictured above) but figured I could just tweezer it out later. 
I in fact could not tweezer it out. It was a pretty big bugger in there and it…

Schnell rennen

So all the German speakers out there can correct my google translation of 'run fast' but last Saturday night I really did try to schnell rennen at Oktoberfest. Now typical of all races that have an afternoon or evening start I was totally not into it. Couches are comfortable and air conditioning is just so dang nice. There was a moment of hesitation when I realized I had the shirt...and that seemed sufficient. But you know money was paid, plus some of my favorite people were also doing the race so I knew at the very least it would be fun to see them.

And while 4.9 miles in 90 degree heat was a bit sweaty and gross this race was pretty fun. A flat, flat course made it a bit easier to try to put in some speed but the blaring sun made it super uncomfortable. For the most part I liked the course, a big loop through base, though when the 5k split off there was a moment when I regretted my life choice of the 8k. It was hard to see them head back to the beer and brats so soon.

46 min…

Why you should hit the trails

I might just be riding high from another successful excursion trail running (successful being I didn't face plant and eat dirt) but I really think that trail running is one of the best things out there lately. And while I call the trails in El Paso a bit hostile (everything is sharp and poisonous, see below this beauty that is right next to the trail just waiting for you to trip into it and be real sad)

I am thankful that I live just down the street from an awesome trail running area.

Reasons you should consider giving trail running a go:
1) Breaks up the monotony of running on the road. Road running is easier for sure but can get a bit boring after awhile. Trails feel like you are off on an adventure. My advice is take water and a snack because it really can turn into an adventure so be prepared. 
2) The scenery is always refreshing. And on a trail it is totally appropriate to stop with hands on hips and take a look around even if all you are actually doing is trying not to pass …

Nobody Panic

So just realized my first fall marathon (I am signed up for three cause I am an idiot who can't stop registering for races) is only 28 days away. Solid.

Let's review.

The last long run I did which was 14 miles was July 18th. And then a week later I went through the great tendinitis scare of 2015 thinking for an entire weekend (I still feel like I should be able to sue someone for emotional distress on that one) that my tendon was torn. Only to find out that it was just a really wicked case of tendinitis. 

Took about four weeks off to recover. Went and did a relay which was totally fun but wiped me out cause I am now old and staying up for pretty much two days straight when I am usually in bed by 9 p.m. every night takes me a week to recover from. Sad.

And then last week I went to do a long run but over slept and only got 9 miles in. It is still pretty much a non-stop inferno here and if you are not out the door by 6 a.m. for a long run you are too late.

Okay so where does tha…

Ragnar Trail: Angel Fire

You know you are traveling with an awesome travel partner when by 10 a.m. you have had an amazing  breakfast, visited an old mining town and hit up a weirdly awesome for being in the middle of nowhere Vietnam memorial just because you can. 

After our morning explorations it was time to find the rest of our relay team and get the party started.  The relay took place at the Angel Fire ski resort. The trail relays are nice in that you don't have to rent vans and drive from exchange to exchange. You just plant yourself in one place and leave for various trails from a central location. Now you do miss out on the fun of trying to park a passenger van in weird and small spaces and the amazing odor of six sweaty bodies and tons of sweaty clothes confined in a small space. But don't worry, a similar scent can be achieved in a tent.
 Instead of decorating the vans, Heather our team captain decorated our tent site. Our team: Tag...You're it! was made up of 8 people. Each person ran …