The Last Hurrah

This happened this week.

 Short hair don't care. After like two years of pretty long hair it was time for it to go. I feel so light and free. Maybe I can run faster now.....

Sunday was my last long run with my training group because next weekend I will be running a marathon!. So up the mountain we went.
Those tiny dots are my peeps charging uphill for about 3 solid miles

And up and up and up and then down we went for 13 miles. And they freakin killed it. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the people you are coaching kick butt so totally and completely! They are gonna kick so much butt race day.

One of my runners caught this pic of me flailing about but super happy to be going downhill with only about four miles (and one giant hill) to go. I think I am waving. Or running with jazz hands. Who doesn't love a good jazz hand.

 The best part of our run is this view because it means it is pretty much all downhill to the finish.

After our awesome 13 miles we decided to drink because between running and drinking, drinking is what we do best. For many of my runners this was the farthest they have ever run. I can toast to that!

One of my favorite runners posted this and I had to share because it is so, so true.

This run was my last hard effort before I cruise along on marathon morning. I am excited and nervous about the marathon. But the marathon is kinda the secondary activity to seeing my best friend of a million years (okay only like 20 years). If there is anyone who can handle my whiny butt after a marathon it is the person who has been dealing with it for 20 years. Whooooo Minnesota vacation countdown: 3 days!


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