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Shorts for supermodels and other random things

Workout this morning = 6 miles in 1:03

A magical magazine fairy came to my office yesterday and gave me these:
A nice break from studying for sure....although in a few weeks when I am taking my PhD exams I will probably be thinking 'I should have spent less time reading People and more time reading political science stuff' but hopefully this will help me get over the Heidi and Seal split. So unexpected.

I haven't mentioned the streak in ended when I traveled to Temecula. Whoooo glad that pressure is gone. I am too lazy to workout everyday. Sometimes I just need to lay on the floor/ couch and read People. 
I ordered some Aspaeris pivot short on Thursday of last week with their awesome cooleronline coupon code for 50% off and they came in the mail yesterday. When I opened the package I was like oh H...E... double hockey sticks no. There is no way these things are going on my bodacious booty.....they are like shorts for tiny children or supermodels... but they fi…

Team Gab Virtual Race

This morning D & I headed over to meet our friend Erica to run 7 miles before everyone else showed up to run/ walk the 10k. We ran 7 miles in 1:11. Not bad for this slow poke.

 By the time we were done everyone was ready to go.

A few people ran (I ran another three miles with my friend Val) and a few people walked and it was a beautiful day!

Perfect weather, good temps and good company plus thoughts of chocolate chip pancakes dancing in our heads (or maybe just mine).

After everyone met back up we headed over to our house to stuff our faces. D made pancakes while I laid on the floor. Perfect hostess behavior.

 I meant to take pictures of people enjoying their pancakes but off course was too busy stuffing my own face. Overall a great way to start the day! Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Team Gab!

Team Gab Virtual Race Eve

Pancake mix: Check

Syrup: Check
Chocolate chips: Check

New Griddle to produce large quantities of pancakes: Check

$215 Donation made to Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation in honor of Gabby: Check

All systems are go!

Hello & Thank you

Since getting acknowledged on SR's blog I have had way more readers than usual. As in hundreds more than usual (usual being my five closest family members- thanks mom!) So if you were directed here or just stumbled upon thanks for taking a look. It has been really fun to get comments from bloggers I had no idea existed. Jina at Behold the Turtle is now a follower and I gotta say after looking at her blog I think we are running soul sisters. We both have internal discussions of running hate and love, we both appear to love quality reality  television programming, and we both appear to be slow and steady!

Yesterday I met my friend and former boss at the Blue Willow for dinner. She is super fun and it is always fun to get together with her. We exchanged Christmas gifts (I love dragging out holidays so they end up happening for months and months) and I scored big time.

 It was so fun to catch up. And I love going out to dinner. Any night I am not cooking is a win in my book.

This morn…

OMG Skinny Runner put my name on her blog

I would like to say that I acted all nice and normal about this but I believe it went something like......
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, skinny runner mentioned me on her blog. SHE MENTIONED ME ON HER BLOG while bouncing up and down
Husband's reaction: Whoa calm down, but that is cool (backs away slowly rethinking marital vows and wondering who would gain custody of the dogs).
So go check it out:

And now I think I need to go lie down.

Celebrity Sightings in Carlsbad

After waking up bright and early A and I grabbed our free breakfast at the hotel, packed the car and were on the road to the Carlsbad Marathon to cheer and check out the expo and see the ocean (which I made annoyingly clear was a priority when I kept clapping my hands and saying "we are gonna see the ocean, we are gonna see the ocean" it would appear that living in Tucson Arizona which is devoid of all water makes me super excited to see any body of water but especially THE OCEAN). After about a 45 minute drive we arrived at.. and found a place to park and headed towards the finish line. We arrived in time to see the top marathon finishers coming in as well as some of the top half marathon finishers. We clapped and cheered them on for awhile.

And then I saw.....SkinnyRunner the author of a blog I follow and kinda freaked out.  Conversation in my head: Oh my god OH MY GOD. I know her. I KNOW HER. That is skinny runner. Oh my gosh I KNOW HER. Look how fast she is. Wow she is R…