Celebrity Sightings in Carlsbad

After waking up bright and early A and I grabbed our free breakfast at the hotel, packed the car and were on the road to the Carlsbad Marathon to cheer and check out the expo and see the ocean (which I made annoyingly clear was a priority when I kept clapping my hands and saying "we are gonna see the ocean, we are gonna see the ocean" it would appear that living in Tucson Arizona which is devoid of all water makes me super excited to see any body of water but especially THE OCEAN). After about a 45 minute drive we arrived at..
Westfield Shopping Center in Carlsbad: location of race start/finish and tons'o parking
and found a place to park and headed towards the finish line. We arrived in time to see the top marathon finishers coming in as well as some of the top half marathon finishers. We clapped and cheered them on for awhile.

And then I saw.....SkinnyRunner the author of a blog I follow and kinda freaked out. 
Conversation in my head:
Oh my god OH MY GOD. I know her. I KNOW HER. That is skinny runner. Oh my gosh I KNOW HER. Look how fast she is. Wow she is REALLY fast. I should take a picture. TAKE A PICTURE. Wow she is totally kickin butt. She ran an entire marathon in like 3 hours. HOLY CRAP 3 hours! GO SKINNY RUNNER GO WHOOOOOO. I should go meet her. That would be awesome. I wonder how I get over there. I just know we would be besties for life if she met me.

Skinny Runner in pink skirt- my new BFF in my mind
Luckily I came to my senses and realized that after running a marathon at top notch speed being bombarded by fan is probably not what she wanted and besides I couldn't figure out how to get over behind the finish line (truth comes out). And I also realized that if I ever actually saw or met say ...
Pretty Brad Pit- not long hair, facial hair cane Brad Pitt

Emma Stone, who I also feel would like to be best friends with me if she only knew me

that I would probably scream, pee myself and pass out. Soooooo learn something new about yourself everyday. And sometimes it is that you are kind of a sad, weird freak. 

After cheering on other runners for awhile and recovering from my mental freak out we headed into the expo to check it out. Same old running gear/ race stuff for sale. I bought a strap for my IT band. I will strap it into submission if it kills me. 

After awhile we headed out in search of other sights in Carlsbad and headed towards Carlsbad Village Drive which was along the race route and found my personal Mecca...

This place had wine, chocolate and coffee. If I could live there I would. 

After fueling up on caffeine we headed towards the ocean (THE OCEAN).

We looked at it for awhile and felt better about life. 

Then it was time to eat again so we wandered around for awhile

and found some Mexcian food for our goodbye California we love you lunch.

Fish tacos- yum
Then it was time to head back to Tucson. Ugh. The scenery was less than stellar after beautiful California.

But it was a great weekend! I can't wait for my next 'race' which will be the Team Gab run with friends this weekend. 


  1. you seriously made my day with your head "race commentary"!

  2. Such a funny race commentary. Totally worth reading. www.dashingdiva.net


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