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Looking for an Adventure

I am super lucky to be having many adventures this summer:

Family coming to visit this week for adventure and half marathon cheering this weekendSister getting married in Colorado- I am honored to get to be the photographerHeaded to Minneapolis to visit my best friend and her fiance with a side of finishing my 30 before 30 half marathons goalBack to Minneapolis to celebrate my best friend's marriageRun, run and more running...and any other adventures I can find. If you are looking for an adventure that does not require leaving home check out these:
Bill Bryson- A Walk in the Woods When looking for a fun travel read I feel the best thing to do is ask a travel writer. Lucky for me I happen to know one. His recommendation is Bill Bryson. A Walk in the Woods is a hilarious tale of an attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. The author and I share the same, slightly irrational, fear of bears and delusion that we can do anything. While Bill is not successful in hiking the trail in its enti…

A Disturbing Trend

Last week I realized that I had gotten lazy. Since I wasn't running I was less motivated to stick to my normal healthy eats. The bank account lays out evidence of a week of take-out and Subway. Nobody needs that many veggie sandwiches in a week. I was pretty strict about my diet during marathon training so I was okay with loosening up a bit but this week starts round two of marathon training (exciting news about that coming soon! Do I know how to build anticipation or what). So it is time to get back on the healthy eating saddle. So I have been busy pre-making healthy options so I have no "but I got off work late/ I would rather be outside/ I am tired" excuses to stop on the way home. 

Fool proof. Now I can just remove some of the above and mix and match, add a side of veggies or a salad and dinner done. More time to focus on getting back into training and making exciting marathon plans!
What are your go to healthy treats?

Foxtrot 5k Race Review

When my coworker asked if I would be interested in running the Foxtrot 5K with her I was helpless to resist since my motto is:

I am still in post marathon recovery so I had no goals but to just enjoy being out with other crazy runners and exploring a new area. This race is put on by the City of Elgin and also has a 10 mile race. It is a very well put together event and a lot of fun. The area is hilly but the course seemed fast even with the hills. I couldn't even wear my Garmin since when I went to put it on it was dead. I think that worked out great because then I could just run without caring about how fast or slow I was going which tends to happen when I know how fast or slow I am going. Usually it is too, either too fast or too slow. Information free running is kind of fantastic.

 The weather was perfect. Not too hot or too cold with a slight breeze. My coworker worked for the City of Elgin for many years so she knew everyone. I got to meet the Mayor, Council members and emplo…

Work, Work, Work

Well with no running and crappy weather this week has been all work, work, work. 
I give you a typical week at work:

Pretty much all day everyday
When my boss acts surprised when I figure something out all on my own

When a coworker tries, yet again, to throw me under the bus during a meeting but this time I am prepared

When I get an email response from someone who basically says what I am asking them to do is beneath them

When I am asked to do an extensive amount of research on a topic that has no relevance to anything

 After I am assigned yet another huge project to be done in a ridiculously short amount of time

 When a coworker, who I can not stand, comes to my cube to complain about their life
 oh and by the way

At the end of a day filled with meetings

The strange compulsion I fight while sitting in meetings

When I am walking to my friend's office and see the boss go in their office first

How I feel when I get to see my favorite people at work

 When I realize today is a Friday …

Well Badwater is out of the picture

I am feeling much better today, though my heart aches for those in Oklahoma. I can't even imagine what it is like to live through something like that and then realize you have nothing left. Though even in dark times there are always stories that make your heart smile. This one of a woman finding her dog is my personal favorite. The bravery of the first responders, teachers and average citizen is amazing.

After being told what is up by the heat during Sunday's marathon I am sad to say that I will not be running Badwater.

From the website: Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA in temperatures up to 130F (55c), it is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. The 36th anniversary edition will be held July 15-17, 2013.

 Now I never had any intention of running Badwater. But my inability to handle heat very well has taken me out of the running for that. Not that I ever wanted to run that but just so everyone knows i…

Throw me a bone here

This morning I woke up feeling fine but tired. Took Max for a stroll and went to work. I joked with a co-worker about wanting to call in tired and zitty (sweating for multiple hours does not equal a gorgeous complexion the next day) and should not have done that because by 10:30 I felt like death. Shaky, feverish and like I was going to puke on someone. So I called it a day, grabbed multiple Gatorades on the way home and tried to nap in a cool place. (Not sure if it is marathon exhaustion or whatever crud is floating around the office this week.)

And then lay there listening to my lawn being mowed (yay for landscaper, boo for timing) and finally almost fell asleep when I got a call from work. WTF. Ahhhhhhh give me a break. If I am not at work- then I am hard pressed to care about what is going on at work. Unless it is on fire- do not call me.

I do not excel at napping apparently. 
Some funny things that happened yesterday during the marathon:

Apparently nature was not a huge fan of me…

Chicagoland Spring Marathon Race Review

At mile 16 when I got the chills, felt like I wanted to vomit and realized that temps were getting up to the upper 80s I knew I was in trouble. Actually I think I knew when I turned the air conditioner on in the car on the way to the race. I got another clue that today was going to be rough when within the first mile I had sweated through my shirt. But I will get there.
Rewind- lets start with packet pick-up. The one thing I really like about All Community Events is their race day packet pick-up. This saves me about two hours of driving the day before. So when I showed up this morning (an hour away from my home) and packet pick-up was a bit unorganized and took awhile I didn't really get that annoyed. Waiting in line for ten minutes is better than the alternative. And you people in line before me that were throwing a mini shit fit about waiting- GO THE DAY BEFORE.
 After getting my number, stashing my bag and shirt in the car and hitting the loo one more time. It was go time. The…

Random Saturday Stuff

Since I haven't been running as much as usual I have had time to do other things. Besides watching the first five seasons of Say Yes to the Dress (why is that show so addicting- it is basically a show about shopping and yet I love it) I have been reunited with my other hobby- photography.

Photos from the morning walk with Max.

Get ready to see more photos on the blog- if you aren't into it, tough my blog. It has been really fun to get back into and I think it is good for me to have something to do besides work and run......and watch entire seasons of shows about dress buying. Of course once I start hitting the high mileage again other things tend to fall to the wayside.

Since I am basically spending this Saturday waiting around to run the marathon on Sunday I thought shopping seemed like the perfect time killer. I got myself a sweet new tripod.
I also finally made my way to the Outlet Mall, can't believe it has taken me this long and found these at the Nike Outlet.
Shoes f…


This Sunday it is marathon time again.
I am excited even though it is violating my Sunday rule.....
But seriously Sundays are for brunch and naps. Not running 26.2. More races should be on Saturday so I can continue not to move on Sundays.
Most importantly I have picked out the outfit. The weather calls for a low of 61 and a high of 81. This is about twenty degrees warmer than the Wisconsin marathon starting temps. In other words- sweaty. I will address this by wearing less clothes and bringing more water. And sunscreen- lots of sunscreen. Though I do feel that most of it ends up in my eyes. That mix of skin saving chemicals and sweat really burns.

Pictures from my run this morning. 4 easy miles.

If you need me I will be carb loading. Does anyone else feel like I have been carb loading for about a month now? Oh wait I pretty much have been. 
Happy Friday! Anyone racing this weekend? Good luck!

Taper Crazy X 3

I ran the Wisconsin marathon 10 days ago.
The week before that I was in taper mode.
Ever since the marathon I have been in recover/ taper mode because I decided to run the Chicagoland Marathon on Sunday. Also the Hanson Marathon training book convinced me if I did not rest for two weeks after the marathon my legs would fall off. Pretty much three weeks of not really running.

It is getting serious over here.

The last few weeks I have learned some important facts about what running does for me.

1) When I run I burn some energy. When I don't run I become increasingly annoying to myself and others. I am all up in everyone's business and have a hard time sitting still. This does not translate well to the workplace.

2) I also have a harder time filtering my thoughts. You know the thoughts you have that should not come out of your mouth. No running leads to having to focus really hard to have self-restraint and not tell people how it is.
Apparently when I run a lot I am too tired to …