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Since I haven't been running as much as usual I have had time to do other things. Besides watching the first five seasons of Say Yes to the Dress (why is that show so addicting- it is basically a show about shopping and yet I love it) I have been reunited with my other hobby- photography.

Photos from the morning walk with Max.


Get ready to see more photos on the blog- if you aren't into it, tough my blog.
It has been really fun to get back into and I think it is good for me to have something to do besides work and run......and watch entire seasons of shows about dress buying. Of course once I start hitting the high mileage again other things tend to fall to the wayside.

Since I am basically spending this Saturday waiting around to run the marathon on Sunday I thought shopping seemed like the perfect time killer. I got myself a sweet new tripod.
It's a photo... of a camera- just blew my mind
I also finally made my way to the Outlet Mall, can't believe it has taken me this long and found these at the Nike Outlet.

Shoes for $45 and skull shoelaces for 92 cents. I haven't decided what shoes the laces will go in yet but I had to have them.

I am slightly concerned that I woke up with a slight pain in my butt/hamstring area- but is it real or is it the taper crazies/ paranoia. I guess I will find out.
And with that I go back to waiting for tomorrow and 26.2 miles!

What show is your guilty pleasure?


  1. you need to hook the tripod on you and set photos to every 30 seconds!

    Guilty pleasure... Frozen custard, cupcakes, sweets, pizza

  2. Wow, another marathon. I hope running my first marathon in March doesn't start the beginning of something I am not so sure I wanna do! LOL


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