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Mount Lemmon Race Review: Round 2

Catching the shuttle buses between 4am and 5am for the Mount Lemmon Half means an early wake up. The night before I laid out my stuff since I knew my brain would be dead at 3:30 in the morning.

 I also remembered that last time coming down the mountain roads in a bus made me almost puke on the poor lady next to me so I popped one of these bad boys in my pocket to take after the race but before the bus ride down. No one deserves to be vomited on after trudging up Mount Lemmon.
D got up to wish me luck and take the traditional pre-race double thumbs up picture and then went back to bed. Logistically having spectators at this race is kind of a nightmare. The only good place to park and hang out is at the finish but that means driving up 26 miles of switchback mountain roads behind a pilot car to get there. I gave D the morning off and headed out on my own to once again tackle the mountain. 
 The start was just like last time, just a timing pad. It seemed like there were a lot less people…

10 minutes faster

Unofficial Mount Lemmon time 2:47:40.

Ten minutes faster than last time.
Now must lay on floor in full compression gear and nap.  Full race review to come.

I remember why I wasn't going to do this one again. Because it is flippin hard. Gosh dang my legs hurt.

Mount Lemmon Eve Round Two

Yesterday I headed over to Fleet Feet to pick up my race packet for the Mount Lemmon Half. It was a quick pick-up, there were no expo booths unless you count the entire running store as an expo. Which I did.

 I had a $25 voucher to use at Fleet Feet (if you sign-up to be a member for every gazillion you spend (all right $200) you get $25 to use in the store. Getting to the $200 limit is pretty easy if you buy running shoes there and geriatric flip flops. My goal was to buy some Nuun. I have been wanting to try it. I also want to be on their hood to coast relay team next year if they once again sponsor female bloggers. Some of my favorite bloggers are on their teams this year and I think it would be so much fun. I figure the first step is to invest in the product whose company you want to run for so when you make a youtube video explaining why you love Nuun and why they should pay for your sweaty butt to sit in their van and run for their company you know what you are talking about.

We meet again

So I am once again dragging my butt up Mount Lemmon. I am pretty sure after I did it the last time I wasn't going to do it again.

It is completely uphill. Well there is a little bit of a downhill or as one guy last time described it: an eight mile hike with a 5 mile run at the end. Pretty much. 
But the lure of the cheap half (registered for this one for $55) and proximity to my house (near Tucson) made it irresistible. Apparently they are cracking down and no music is allowed for real this time. Last year they said that and everyone and their mom had music except for me cause I am a rule follower.
So ethical dilemma of my time: to bring the Ipod or not. It would be very helpful to have Beyonce, Katy and Lady Gaga pacing me up the mountain.

There is some nice symmetry with doing this half as number 15. I am half way through my goal of running 30 half marathons before turning 30. This half kicked of the half madness for me last fall and was the first one I did once I was healed fro…

Official Results

Horsetooth Half completed in 2:26:42  For some reason I thought I had only beat my time by a few seconds but last time I ran this I ran it in 2:29 so I beat it by a few minutes. 

Horsetooth Half Race Review

Holy hills batman. The Horsetooth Half was a monster. I ran it back in 2006 and somehow blocked out how much this course makes your entire body hate you the next day. I made the BIL, sister and their dog River get up and drive me to the race start a few blocks away from their house because I am a baby and the thought of walking an extra half mile on top of running 13.1 was just too much for my little brain to handle. The race started near the CSU football stadium so there was plenty of parking for everyone.
After the race started it was up a monster hill right away. My game plan was to just keep moving forward (as opposed to rolling back down the hills I guess). I never run hills so I was not shocked when I had to walk a lot of them. Me and a whole lot of other people that is. 

  Part of the race was run next to Horsetooth reservoir. It was a very nice day out. A little on the warm side and a little windy but not too bad.

Perhaps one of the not so great aspects of this race is the fact…

Horsetooth Half Eve

Yesterday I arrived in Colorado and my sister and future BIL (brother in-law) came by and slowed the car so I could jump in. Then I made them head to Chick-fil-a so I could get an ice cream cone (there was a salad involved but that was just an ice cream appetizer).

 This morning we woke up to beautiful warm weather. I like to think I brought it with me from AZ because I am nice like that. The sister and I headed to the CSU campus so she could show me where she goes to vet school. I like that she is so smart and dedicated to helping animals. I also plan on getting free vet care for the rest of my life. For some reason she just smiles and nods when I mention this but no verbal confirmation that this plan is going to happen. Weird.

 After touring where the smart people hang out we headed to a horse show. We got to see the students who had spent the year training their colt compete. The ones we saw did an awesome job and the horses all looked really pretty.

After watching the horse show f…