Horsetooth Half Eve

Yesterday I arrived in Colorado and my sister and future BIL (brother in-law) came by and slowed the car so I could jump in. Then I made them head to Chick-fil-a so I could get an ice cream cone (there was a salad involved but that was just an ice cream appetizer).

 This morning we woke up to beautiful warm weather. I like to think I brought it with me from AZ because I am nice like that. The sister and I headed to the CSU campus so she could show me where she goes to vet school. I like that she is so smart and dedicated to helping animals. I also plan on getting free vet care for the rest of my life. For some reason she just smiles and nods when I mention this but no verbal confirmation that this plan is going to happen. Weird.
CSU sculpture art


Spring time!

Green stuff- what is it?
I love that there is grass and green trees here, nice change from the constant color of beige in AZ

Vet cubical: smart people alert

Hard science: buildings I tried to avoid as an undergrad
 After touring where the smart people hang out we headed to a horse show. We got to see the students who had spent the year training their colt compete. The ones we saw did an awesome job and the horses all looked really pretty.

After watching the horse show for awhile I got tired of smelling poop so we headed out and I made my sister participate in a photo shoot with a horse statue. 

She then decided to punish me for forcing her to be a supermodel by driving me through the race course where I proceeded to freak myself out about how steep and long and never ending the hills on this course are. I am currently still freaked out.

Porto-potties at the ready

Horsetooth Reservoir 

Fort Collins from the top of the dam

Random sign: your welcome

After driving the course we headed to the brewery to pick-up my race number. The brewery was packed with people taking tours and sampling beers. We just headed to the race pick-up area.

Race pick-up area was small. Just grabbed your number and your shirt and that was it. They also had some race gear for sale but it was pretty pricey so I skipped that.

The shirt is nice and shows the elevation map on the back (like it is something to be proud of, kind of just freaking me out). Got my race gear ready to go for my walk/run up a million giant hills tomorrow.

Cheesy pasta, TV and then bedtime. Wish me luck, I am gonna need it. 


  1. You are probably finished by now, so I hope it was a great race! We had a hill race yesterday, and my feet are still sore from the slamming on the downhills. Ouch! That's my hardest part of recover. My feet aren't used to jamming that hard into the toes of my sneakers.

    1. Thanks! This race was brutal but still fun. Hope your feet recover soon. Mine are pretty sore today, well everything is pretty sore.


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