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A change is gonna come

For the past year and a half my husband has been ill. After too many appointments to count, a million tests (so many I am not even sure how he has any blood left really), a lymph node biopsy, and the elimination of every illness possible he was finally diagnosed a few months ago with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

For those interested in knowing more this video is helpful.

Or you can read more about it here: CDC: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It has been overwhelmingly frustrating and stressful trying to figure out what was wrong with him. It is not easy watching someone you love struggle and be sick. While we were very relieved to find out it was not cancer (and then told repeatedly that "at least it is not cancer", yep thanks for that), unfortunately not much is known about this illness which is also very frustrating. Why and how you get it- no real idea, therapies to help with recovery are few, and the prognosis is not so great. It is kind of difficult to explain that he might not …

Christmas Favorites and last weeks training

This Christmas, as with pretty much every holiday, I got some sweet new running things! Not that I needed any more running things. But they are some of my favorite things. I got these New Balance tights mostly because they are so pretty. Look at how cute they are!

I also got this poster from I Love to Run. Basically you  mark off every day that you exercise, the goal being to not break the chain. It should act as a motivator. We shall see. 

I also got this headphone which is one sided so you can hear music in one ear (the whole song, not split like normal headphones) but have an ear open for traffic, people, etc.

I also got a new holder for my race bibs. I filled the last one up. Run all the races!!! Excited to fill this one up with new adventures. 

In terms of training this week...well lets just say Christmas cheer took over. Most of the fueling was done with the three main food groups of cheese, wine, and chocolate. 
Monday: Nada. 18 miles kinda wiped me out the day before.  Tuesday:

This week in training: Dec. 14th- 20th

This week I upped my mileage, got in some cross training and ate and drank my weight in holiday treats and wine. Not a bad week.
Monday:  3 easy miles on the treadmill. Lifted weights. 
Tuesday: In the morning an hour of Pilates, 45 minutes of spin. In the evening my favorite reps came to town- Sarah from Balega socks and Trigger Point and Mark from Mizuno. After a 6 mile run it was raffle and treats time. Always a good time when they come to town.

Wednesday: Lifted weights. Walked the dog.

Thursday: 800s on the treadmill for a total of 6 miles.

Friday: 8 miles of trails. Super fun and a beautiful day. Started to listen to the Serial podcast on my runs and the miles tend to fly by because I am not really paying attention to the whole running thing. Did he or didn't he..ahhhh. Yes I am a million years behind on the podcast thing.

Saturday: Rest day! And wine hydration day with a side of painting. Got to spend a few hours with some awesome ladies. Snacks, wine and the displaying of artis…

This week in Training: Dec 7 -13th

First things first- picture of a cute dog.

He is not mine but he is the cutest and we are now BFFs. Any time a dog wears a Christmas shirt I am all for it.

On to training....
Lately I have been a little less than motivated. My bed is just so warm and cozy in the morning. Sleep is glorious. Lounging around is glorious. Not working out = glorious. So I decided that every Monday from here on out I have to post the last weeks workouts and hopefully the pressure of knowing I have to do that will motivate me to get it done. Basically peer pressure, but I am not jumping off a bridge because you all are doing it or doing drugs cause the cool kids said so. Instead, I am hopefully getting a workout in. Knowing I was going to post this did keeps me moving this week so I think it is working.

Monday: 4.5 miles on the treadmill. Plus lifted weights. Focus on lifting on unsteady surfaces. Bosu ball, one legged exercises etc. That was hard. Spinning for 40 minutes.

Tuesday: 1 hour of pilates. Apparentl…

Dripping Springs

This past Saturday it was trail running Saturday!!! So it was off to Dripping Springs New Mexico.

I am so glad we went there. It was beautiful. The trails were actually runable (as in not super rocky and covered in cactus). The weather was perfect.

And it actually looked and felt like fall. This area has abandoned buildings- an old lodge and sanatorium. And an actual dripping spring. Water in the desert. Weird. Super fun to explore. 

It was a super fun morning with some awesome ladies. I love my trail group. We always have so much fun!

Looking forward to some more trail running this weekend!

The Running Event

This past week I got to go to The Running Event in Austin. It is a trade show for run specialty stores. And it is awesome. 

Not only do you get to see what is new in running, what is upcoming in major brands and get a ton of free swag, there are just amazing elite runners just wanderin around. 

On Wednesday I landed just in time for the trade show to open which meant high tailing it to the Brooks booth to get some free shoes. For once having giant feet of an unusual size paid off. There was my size just sitting there waiting for me. After wandering the expo for a few hours picking up samples and partaking in the happy hour put on by various brands (yes I will have a margarita from every happy hour booth thank you very much) we headed over to a local brewery Hops and Grains. 
After that we headed to Mettle for dinner which was delicious. All the food in Austin was amazing. I could spend many more days there just eating my way through the city. I hope one day I can. The next day we wer…

More from Philly

Today I am off to TRE. The Running Expo is a trade show for run specialty stores in Austin. You get to see the latest and greatest products. I am way excited to attend! It is like a run nerds mecca where you can go worship at the booth of Brooks and New Balance. 
 It has been one adventure after the other around here. Because Philly was so amazing, thought I would share a few more pics from my awesome adventure.