More from Philly

Today I am off to TRE. The Running Expo is a trade show for run specialty stores in Austin. You get to see the latest and greatest products. I am way excited to attend! It is like a run nerds mecca where you can go worship at the booth of Brooks and New Balance. 

 It has been one adventure after the other around here. Because Philly was so amazing, thought I would share a few more pics from my awesome adventure.

Independence Hall


Look more historical stuff...over there

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lets play Battleship

Yay Forefathers

Just writing the Constitution in here...NBD

Time for some Independence

Original Senate

Eagles and stuff....AMERICA

Let freedom ring

Fanciest City Hall ever

City Hall was my favorite building if you couldn't tell...

City Tavern = delicious food in the style of the Colonial Era
I loved Philly. Thank you Philadelphia for an awesome time!!

The rest of this week I will be nerding out about running and when I get back I get to go trail running with some of my favorite ladies on Saturday and then do a long run with my training group on Sunday. Run, run, run all day long. 


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