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Friday Favorites

Some random Friday fun:

For those of you interested in a good running book this list is awesome.

Some of my favs are:

If you are looking for something funny to watch and have Amazon Prime this: I thought it was very funny and loved the two main characters plus there are two seasons so perfect for binge watching on a lazy afternoon
Onto the trail running wish list is this run in Southern California. Looks beautiful and there is a hot spring involved. Yes please.
Thought this infographic was interesting and considering I have run double digits in both marathon and half marathon......that is a lot of money WORTH IT!

And this dog who just puts himself in the shower when he decides its bath time.

Things I am over. THE WIND. I feel like it has been super windy in El Paso for three weeks straight. Over it.

Puppy Update

Monday morning while out walking Max I found a poster looking for some lost pups. Turns out Lady is actually Gigi and Scout is actually Loki.
While it was fun being puppy parents, and seriously nothing cheers you up more than freakin puppies, it was nice to see they had a family who loved them. But when I called things were a bit weird. The owner asked if I would just keep them for the day because she had to work.....

Um what do you think this is, doggy daycare?

It is bad enough that we went out and bought puppy chow and collars for these dogs (so we could control them when we took them to the vet, which was our plan for Monday) and have fallen in love with them BECAUSE PUPPIES and now they have to go away but you want me to just hang out with them for the day because you are too busy to come get them.....I don't think so. When she said that I almost told her never mind because she seemed a bit ridiculous. When she came by to get them a few minutes later (so she must live nearby) …

Monday Matters

So many things to catch up on.

Husband update:
We have been seeing a new neurologist (non-Army) and the doctor is thinking that he has some sort of neurological disorder so many tests have been taking place. It is kind of a weird feeling to be taken seriously and have a doctor do extensive testing and pay attention to what he is saying in terms of symptoms after two years of that not being the case.

 After seeing this new doctor it has made it very clear that the Army doctors did not really eliminate everything before diagnosing him with chronic fatigue and several doctors, since chronic fatigue has been in his file, have told him every symptom is related to chronic fatigue without looking into it. I am glad that D stuck with it and has continued to seek care, even if it does end up being chronic fatigue syndrome we at least know we have eliminated another possibility in the neurological disease realm. If I have learned anything from all this it is if you think there is something wron…

Road Trip

Unfortunately our family dog Sammy had to head up to the big farm in the sky this past week where she can forever chase bunnies and eat horse poop (just assuming that dog heaven provides an overabundance of her favorite things down on earth).  So Max and I headed home to hang with my family.

It was nice. We hung out, talked about missing Sammy, and ate a lot. Actually Sammy's love of food and enthusiasm for eating and our love of food and enthusiasm for eating is how she fit right in when she was rescued. It was weird not having her around and her tail thumps and gentle nature is much missed.

While I was there I went for a 4 mile oxygen free run.....and realized that when we relocate here running will be extra difficult for awhile. But you can't beat the views. They would take my breathe away if I weren't already missing it while stumbling around light headed while the tips of my fingers get tingly from lack of oxygen. I grew up in Colorado and I did run in High School so …

Training Week April 4th- 10th & sell all the things!

I will start this by saying we were warned. My friend Karen had mentioned the aggression and the pushiness and the showing up early. But I just didn't expect people to show up several days early to a garage sale. I stupidly put an ad up on Thursday stating that on Saturday we would be having a garage sale and mentioned NO EARLY BIRDS. Just like that. All caps. You know the traditional way of conveying I mean business through type. By Thursday afternoon people were ringing our doorbell.

At first I was super annoyed. Because I am a rule follower and think you should follow the rules too and if someone puts no early birds in all caps that means you stay away until Saturday. But D was like, whatever, give us all your money. So we just went with it. Sorry to anyone who was a rule follower cause you got screwed.

Even on Saturday morning people were ringing our doorbell by 6:30 a.m. which we ignored and continued to drink our coffee until 7 a.m. because coffee. Then we opened the garage …

What's Next for Team Bean

I haven't been very good at this whole blogging thing lately. I think it might be because D and I are in a kind of holding pattern. He is being medically retired from the Army but we are waiting for the last paperwork to go through which can take between 10 and  60 thanks for narrowing that down....
 So we are just kinda waiting around (read: watching a lot of Netflix), selling stuff (bye, bye furniture), organizing and getting ready to move and put our stuff (artwork and dishes basically) in storage. But hey at least it is spring!

We have decided to adopt the gypsy lifestyle for awhile while we figure out what is next. It is hard not to panic and search frantically for employment but after much discussion we have decided we have kind of an amazing opportunity to get some bucket list stuff done. So we plan on spending some extended time in Colorado and California over the next year or so. Our main goal (if the Army will ever release us back into the wild) is to get in…

Run Therapy

This past Saturday I ran the Mental Health in Motion 5k with the awesome Run Therapy team, aka some of my most favorite running peeps. I finished in 27:36. Not bad for someone who hasn't really been running all that much lately. It was super fun to hang with these people. I will miss them quite a bit when we move.

 After the 5K I realized I probably needed to get better about running more consistently again if I wanted to avoid the super loud mouth breathing, oh my god I am out of shape feeling from getting worse. Ever since the Lost Dutchman Marathon in February I have kinda just been winging it. Running when I want, for as little or much as I want. Which has been pretty nice.

I realized that I haven't had a voluntary break from consistent training in a few years. Probably not since I started my goal of running 30 marathons before turning 30. After the constant training for and running half marathons that were back to back to back I just kind of moved on to marathons. Then s…