Puppy Update

Monday morning while out walking Max I found a poster looking for some lost pups. Turns out Lady is actually Gigi and Scout is actually Loki.
You will always be Lady and Scout to us
While it was fun being puppy parents, and seriously nothing cheers you up more than freakin puppies, it was nice to see they had a family who loved them. But when I called things were a bit weird. The owner asked if I would just keep them for the day because she had to work.....

Um what do you think this is, doggy daycare?

It is bad enough that we went out and bought puppy chow and collars for these dogs (so we could control them when we took them to the vet, which was our plan for Monday) and have fallen in love with them BECAUSE PUPPIES and now they have to go away but you want me to just hang out with them for the day because you are too busy to come get them.....I don't think so. When she said that I almost told her never mind because she seemed a bit ridiculous. When she came by to get them a few minutes later (so she must live nearby) she seemed genuinely happy to have them back so that is good.

People are so weird. If the universe could stop dumping puppies in our lap (this is the second time in two weeks we have had abandoned/lost dogs in our house) that would be great.


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