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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!
Some of my favorites from this week.
I love that this bloodhound went out to pee and found herself coming in seventh place in a half marathon. 

This women who is shaming male hypocrites on twitter. Hi pot, meet kettle.

Chelsea Handler's new documentaries on Netflix Chelsea Does. There are four altogether, all about an hour long. One on drugs, one on marriage, one on technology and one on racism. The technology and racism episodes were particularly well done I thought, though they are all good. It helps if you like her sense of comedy and straight forward approach to things. 

This candy....get some. It is amazing

Travel books. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is one my all time favorites (thanks to the recommendation of travel writer Doug Mack whose awesome book can be found here) so I finally got smart and decided to read some of his other travel books. Also found one on long term travel. Wanderlust at its finest. 
The new Brooks and Moving Comfort apparel I trea…

Playing in the Dirt

First things first: D update. The MRI has shown that he has cervical disc disease, this is causing pressure on his spine/ nerves and this is what is causing the numbness in his body. No MS or other neurological disease appears to be present. Yay for that. Boo for neck discs that don't play nice. Now we just need to figure out the best course of action to relieve the symptoms.

Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion about running.

What is it about trail running?

I am not overly good at it.  I am slow. I am clumsy. I fall about 50 percent of the time. I have had to have a stick piece removed from my hand after a particularly graceful swan dive into the ground.

Dirt in the mouth
Bruised toes
Sore ankles
Cuts and bruises
Cactus needles
Utter exhaustion

All of these things are things that I have experienced as a direct result of being out on the trails. None of which I have ever experienced on the road. And yet every time I am out there is just thi…

Training Week: January 18th - 24th

Monday: 1 mile plus body weight torture exercise

Tuesday: one hour of Pilates plus 5.5 miles

Wednesday: 1 mile plus kettle bell and bosu workout

Thursday: 3.5 trail miles (cut a bit short due to an unexpected appointment, had planned for 6 or more but this is what happens when you lounge around in bed for half the morning, things come up.)

Friday: 1 mile with more planned for the afternoon since we had to be at the hospital early for D's MRI....but yeahhhhh that didn't happen.

Saturday: 2 miles with Max the wonder dog and then the best lady date day ever!

Brunch with some of my favorite running ladies. Awesome food. Then pedicures at Nail Bar where you can drink and get your nails done. Genius.

Sunday: 1 mile. 20 miles were on the schedule but I got to play water stop cheerleader instead which was so much fun! What....standing around drinking coffee, staying warm while handing out water is more fun than running 20 miles? Yep it totally is.
I am so excited for all my runners! They ar…

Friday Favorites

Update on Neurology: So the same day I put on my blog that I was being slowly driven insane by the neurology department D was finally able to get an appointment on this coming that was kinda weird. Apparently I had to just put my crazy out into the universe..... and boom. Whatever works.

Some favorites from this week:

For anyone into Making A Murderer, Making a Murderer Hairstyles is for you!

My most favorite song right now. It is just so catchy and happy.

I may have EOG-(Early Onset Grumpiness)
These dogs are best friends and I love it
The last loooonnnngggg run for marathon training is Sunday! I am coming for you 20 miles. Until then eat all the carbs and rest all the feet.

For Neurology, press #3

For new readers or those unfamiliar with what has been going on off the running front check out this post.
There is a high level of annoyance and stress going on in this household. I think it is mostly from me. I don’t know. D does better with the cool and calm when it comes to the bureaucracy of health care. I lie more in the realm of irate and irrational. If you would, please picture the most annoyed you have ever felt or would feel. For men (from what I have been told) I imagine this would be like a tiny hammer knocking non-stop into your balls without end. For women maybe more of that feeling when there is a full on toddler melt down going on at the grocery store, your own child, or someone else’s. No make it at Target. When you are just there to enjoy the day and spend your money on frivolous items and boom toddler, full on full body meltdown in your favorite isle. And then again ahead of you at check-out.  That level of annoyance is what has been going on with me when I am not …

Training Week: January 10th- 17th

Monday: 1 mile and some rolling and stretching.
Tuesday: 45 minutes of Pilates and 6.5 miles of running
Wednesday: 1 mile and then a weight workout with kettle bell, bosu, and a medicine ball. Left me sore for days. Body weight workouts are no joke
Thursday: 4 miles around the hood but felt sluggish and irritable so called it good enough
Friday: 4.5 miles. Set off in the hood once again and got about 3 miles in and my knee made a weird pop and felt funny so I headed home. Iced it and it seemed fine. I don't know what that was about.

Saturday: Wore a knee brace and headed off on the trails for 8 fun, fast and pain free miles with my trail group.

Sunday: Wore a knee brace again because that seems to make everything better and did 12 miles up and down Scenic Drive with my training group.

 I never really get tired of the views from Scenic drive. This run trashes the quads but it is worth it.

Total miles: 37.5
Cross training:  Not great
Days until marathon: 27!

Days until a fun road trip and…

Training January 4th - 10th

Monday: Woke up tired from 20 miles the day before. Did a mile and then rolled out and stretched out. The end.
Tuesday: 3 rainy miles in the morning and 20 minutes of yoga in the morning. 5 miles in the rain with my group in the evening.
Wednesday: Pouring rain outside so hit the treadmill for 1.25 miles and was over it. Did a kettlebell and balance workout.
Thursday: Did an easy two miles and some core work.
Friday: Ran 3 miles outside and then it started hailing on me so headed inside for 3 more.
Saturday: 2.5 miles
Sunday: 16 miles. Long run for the win.

Total: 36.75 miles

It is amazing how motivating this poster is. I decided that I have to move at least a mile a day to cross off the day and so far it has gotten me moving even when I want to lay around and not move. Fingers crossed it keeps working!

2016 Goals

In 2015 I had a few goals in mind for running:
Sub 2 hour halfSub 4:28 fullRun 2015 miles during the year...... I achieved exactly none of these goals. Whoops. I got a bit slower at running, was plagued by injuries, had to cut back on the mileage and yet I still had so much fun when it comes to running. 
I got to travel to some awesome places to run and crossed off several of my bucket list marathons off the list. 
I had the opportunity to coach and befriend so many amazing and fun runners. Even when I was injured or having to cut back on my own running they kept me motivated and excited about it. 

I got to go to The Running Event which is basically Disneyland for runners with some really great people where I became best friends with all the elites. Okay maybe not best friends...but I got to meet several amazing elite level runners who inspired me with their love of the sport. 
So the fact that I didn't PR at all this year doesn't really bother me all that much. That being said…

Last week in training: Dec.28th-Jan. 3rd

This past week I ran a lot of miles. Yesterday was the longest run I have done where a marathon wasn't involved. At the end I really felt I deserved a medal or at least a t-shirt. But we were celebrating the lovely Karen's birthday so mimosas instead.

That is not a bad way to end the run and now kinda think all long runs should end with a parking lot party!  This morning was rough. I have been up for half an hour and am already like

This week in training:
Monday: Ran 6 miles and lifted weights
Tuesday: 4.5 miles in the AM with a side of pilates and 5 miles in the PM.
Wednesday: Ran 3 and lifted weights
Thursday: 8 miles through the neighborhood and some yoga
Friday: 5.75 trail miles and some more yoga to celebrate the new year followed by pancakes and so many ours of binge watching Netflix shows. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Saturday: 3 miles on the 'mill
Sunday: Long run fun. 20 miles

Total Miles: 55.75 miles
Cross Training:  some of it happened yayyy