2016 Goals

In 2015 I had a few goals in mind for running:
  1. Sub 2 hour half
  2. Sub 4:28 full
  3. Run 2015 miles during the year......
I achieved exactly none of these goals. Whoops. I got a bit slower at running, was plagued by injuries, had to cut back on the mileage and yet I still had so much fun when it comes to running. 

I got to travel to some awesome places to run and crossed off several of my bucket list marathons off the list. 

I had the opportunity to coach and befriend so many amazing and fun runners. Even when I was injured or having to cut back on my own running they kept me motivated and excited about it. 

I got to go to The Running Event which is basically Disneyland for runners with some really great people where I became best friends with all the elites.
Okay maybe not best friends...but I got to meet several amazing elite level runners who inspired me with their love of the sport. 

So the fact that I didn't PR at all this year doesn't really bother me all that much. That being said I wouldn't mind a PR in 2016. I am not going to set a mileage goal for this year. Those never seem to work out for me but I am going to make the commitment to move everyday. I would like to PR in the half or the marathon or get crazy and PR in both. 

But with all the life changes going on my main goal for 2016 is to continue to have fun with running, whether I am training hard to PR or going on running adventures. The only things on the calendar for this year is The Lost Dutchman race in February and the Looney Challenge in October. I am excited to see what other trouble I find!


  1. Honestly, sounds like you KILLED IT in 2015! I love that you aren't too worried about falling short of your goals and you're instead able to look at all of the amazing things the year brought you! Your 2016 is going to be epic, methinks...


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