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The time has come....

for my PhD exams.
So I will be thinking grand thoughts and writing magical answers this week about public policy and international relations (fingers crossed that is what I am doing instead of thinking little thoughts and writing crappy answers). Currently wishing I had one of these...

Game on!

Arizona Half Marathon Race Review

This morning I woke up at 5:45 to drive over to Goodyear for the inaugural Arizona Half Marathon. Some friends of mine that live in Tempe let me crash in their guestroom. It was fun to be able to hang out with them. The race was located in Estrella. I woke up with a bad attitude and did not want to go run. I briefly thought about just staying in bed, making breakfast for my friends and driving home but I managed to get myself out the door. On the way I dropped by Circle K to get some beverage. I love gas station coffee. So many choices, tons of creamer all for around $1. Can't go wrong.

Since the race was kind of in the middle of nowhere I just picked up my number this morning at the Starpointe Residents Club. The club area was located across the street from a Safeway so there was plenty of parking for everyone. This was also the start and finish area.

 Because I had registered way back in October I also got a bag and a hat along with the race t-shirt. Packet pick-up was fast and…

Arizona Half Goals

On Saturday I am running the Arizona Half in Goodyear. (back to back races-I know I am a bad-ass....or crazy).
There have been some difficulties getting this race together. First it was supposed to be in Scottsdale. And then there was no course for awhile. And now it is in Estrella (community, neighborhood, I don't know). But the course is flat and looks pretty on their Facebook page so we shall see how it goes.

I am not sure what goals to set for this race. On one hand it is supposed to be flat and fast which means I could push it again and see if I can finish in 2:07 or 2:06. On the other hand I am tired, my leg is still wonky and sore, this week is stressful and next week I have my PhD exams (ahhhh panic attack). So part of me just wants to run the thing at whatever pace I feel like get my medal, free bagel and take a nap and continue trying to not freak out about my exams. I am also planning to take a week or two off of running to let my leg recover after this race (will conti…

The Lost Dutchman Half Race Review

This morning the alarm went off at 5:20 a.m.for the Lost Dutchman race. After getting dressed,

 we headed out the door by 5:50 and drove about 30 minutes (while downing a peanut butter cliff bar) to get to the race start at Prospector Park. Parking was already full in the parking lot so we parked on the road. Glad we didn't get there any later or it would have been quite a hike to the start. I left A in the car to stay warm since her 10k started later than my race and after hitting the bathroom headed to the start line. I didn't carry my camera this time since my goal was to push the whole race and when I take pictures I tend to get distracted (ooo look a butterfly). So this is just mostly words. Lots and lots of words.

There was plenty of porto-potties and real bathrooms as well since we were in a park. The race start had pacing areas by mile time. I started in the 10 minute mile area. The race started right on time though there was no real announcement about anything and the…

Lost Dutchman Eve

This afternoon my friend A and I headed to Apache Junction (about a 2 and a half hour drive from Tucson) to pick up our race packet for the Lost Dutchman race. A is doing the 10k and I am doing the half. We arrived at packet pick-up around 3p.m. that was held at the Apache Junction multi-generational center- basically a rec center. 

The expo was not crowded at all. I walked right up and got my number, long sleeve tech shirt and goodie bag. We wandered around and looked at running stuff but didn't buy anything.

 This was the view from the rec center. Really pretty.

A found a cheap room in Mesa, about thirty minutes away from the race start, at the Homestead Suites Extended Stay motel. It is right next to a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice so works out just fine.

After hanging out at Starbucks for awhile we headed to Sauce to carbo load. There is a Sauce down the street from both A and mine houses and yet we had never been there. Had to go all the way to Mesa to try it.  And it was worth…

Product Review: Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

I am completely and totally impressed with Aspaeris Pivot Shorts
I bought a pair when they had that awesome 50% off coupon code. They were shipped out right away and reached me within three days. I was skeptical when I opened the package and had itty, bitty, teeny tiny shorts fall out.

But they went on easily and felt great. I wore them for the Sedona Half

And totally killed some hills and my legs felt fine after- thanks awesome and magical unicorn hairs shorts. I am sticking with that being the only explanation that would allow for these tiny shorts to fit on my bootyliciousness (thank you Beyonce for that Webster's dictionary expansion) and not cut off all circulation. They made my IT band problem go away and my hip feel less sore, two injuries that I have been trying to ignore  deal with.  I have also recently worn them spinning and they work great for that as well.

But tragedy struck and the string I noticed when I first got them that was dangling turned into a seam that sta…

Lost Dutchman Goals

This Saturday I head up towards Apache Junction to participate in the Lost Dutchman Half .

 I have wanted to do this race for two years now so I am pretty excited to do this one. Miners and pots of gold what is not to love? It is an out and back. It is slightly uphill overall heading towards the six mile marker and then slightly downhill on the way back. According to the website there are no significant hills (I am not sure what makes a hill significant versus not, they all seem pretty significant to me).

I really want to see how hard I can push it. And even though my left leg is still wonky for some reason (actually I think the reason is my left hip is weak and is out of place, making my left leg short than my right. Only way to fix is strength training and stretching but that takes time and probably won't be fixed before Sunday. How do I know all this, why the internet of course. Am thinking of going to a sports doctor but have to work my way up to it I guess).  I think I might …