Lost Dutchman Goals

This Saturday I head up towards Apache Junction to participate in the Lost Dutchman Half .

 I have wanted to do this race for two years now so I am pretty excited to do this one. Miners and pots of gold what is not to love? It is an out and back. It is slightly uphill overall heading towards the six mile marker and then slightly downhill on the way back. According to the website there are no significant hills (I am not sure what makes a hill significant versus not, they all seem pretty significant to me).

I really want to see how hard I can push it. And even though my left leg is still wonky for some reason (actually I think the reason is my left hip is weak and is out of place, making my left leg short than my right. Only way to fix is strength training and stretching but that takes time and probably won't be fixed before Sunday. How do I know all this, why the internet of course. Am thinking of going to a sports doctor but have to work my way up to it I guess).  I think I might see if I can run this in close to two hours. This will mean that I have to hurt (as in super red face, loud awkward breathing and super special looking race photos)...pretty much the whole time and I am kind of a baby so we will see how it goes. And this is all pending how the leg feels. But you never know until you try.

A Goal- Finish between 2 hours and 2:10 ( PR so far has been around 2:07 on an overall downhill course, would be awesome to get a new PR)

B Goal- Finish between 2:10 and 2:15

C Goal- Finish, obtain medal and try not to throw a temper tantrum about missing goal A or B (repeat mantra 'I am not 5 years old, I am an adult, act like it').

On the up side I have my outfit picked out already. Black running skirt, blue t-shirt, perhaps compression sleeves for lower legs, maybe aspaeris shorts (I don't care if I look like a total nerd compression sleeves and magic unicorn hair shorts feel like magic) and my silver glitter band. So bam.


  1. I get the super red race and super special looking race photos, too. And, I'm nowhere close to a two-hour time. Very impressive goals! Go for it!


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