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The Saturday of all Saturdays

This morning I over slept so couldn't meet up with the Saturday run group at 6a.m. I was super bummed because at the end of the Saturday run they make pancakes. And you all know how I feel about pancakes. But when I finally did make it out of bed I was able to get it together enough to run ten miles in an hour and 42 minutes. So excited. The run felt really good even though it was so hot and humid.
 I ran along the Riverwalk again because that is the only place I know where to run so far and will be content to run here until I get bored. Though it is so pretty that may be awhile.

 I came across this sign about four miles into the run. Ummm what....  I asked another runner if they have ever seen alligators around and they said no but to stay out of the water. Uh will do. I was a little jumpy after seeing three of those signs.

 After getting back home I walked around a bit to try to stop sweating and then realized that that was probably not going to happen so went inside to shower, …

Big Day

Yesterday three very exciting things happened.
1) I went on my second run with my new fun run group. There are only three of us and we run/ walk for about a half an hour and it is super fun to run with other people and nerd out about running. I took Max this time since it is short and he had a lot of fun I think (going off the extreme tail waging and number of people that petted him).I think I will use this group to build up his endurance so we can go on some shorter runs together.

2) I finally got to use my new big camera lens that I got for my birthday because.....

3) It was D's graduation from Officer Candidate School

 It was a really nice ceremony and D was pretty excited to be done with this phase of training. There are several more phases but you know, one step at a time.

Some important people spoke, awards were presented, the candidates got their certificate and shook the hands of other important people and then bam 2nd Lieutenant time.
 Their rank on their dress uniform is…

Adult Prom

Yesterday I ran a total of 8 miles and found a fun group to run with twice a week so pretty excited about both of those things. 
The other exciting thing that happened yesterday is that I got to go with D to the OCS formal in celebration of their upcoming graduation from Officer Candidate School. 
 The formal was held at the National Infantry Museum in Columbus and if you ever happen to be around you should stop by and visit, it is pretty cool. The formal was very fancy and a lot of fun. It was fun to see all the officers dressed in their dress uniforms and their dates all fancified. I like to call it adult prom.

 I mean besides getting married how often to you get to dress up as an adult. It doesn't seem like very often for me but then my preferred outfit is running shorts and a t-shirt.
 There was a fancy dinner and dancing and a speech by an American war hero. 
 Major Retired Dan Turner spoke to us about being a good leader. As someone who served three tours in Vietnam as both…

Wee Hours

One of my favorite things about our new home is that it is right on the river. 
Every morning Max and I got for a stroll- usually early, early since the husband must be at work by 5:30 ( you know that whole the Army does more before 9a.m. than you do all day seems to be spot on). But that usually means we have our walking spot all to ourselves until we get to the turn around point where we share it with this creepy statue. I feel that I get way more exercise here than I did at our old place. Up and down stairs, multiple walks a day.... This means I can eat more Hot Tamales right?
Today was a cross training day so I hit the bike and things have gotten very hard core around here as I now bike in a cage. No exercise equipment allowed on the 2nd floor where our loft is so into storage it went but I have set it up to use it and it is less creepy than I thought it would be. Somebody murdered the treadmill. Okay it was me and I probably won't remember to put it together until it is raining ou…

Longish Running and The Plan

Today was my first attempt at running longish and it went pretty well. Over six miles at a not too horrible pace. I felt better about the marathons after this run. Not great but better.
I had originally envisioned the half moon bay marathon as a solid athletic event full of speed, grace and glory- all the athletic prowess that my blog title - Just Plodding Along- conjures. Okay no....but I was hoping to finish under 4:50. I like the feeling of making progress and anything under that time would be progress.
After the lack of training and injury that has been happening the new plan is get strong enough to finish without turning into a ball of mush. Good to have goals. The plan to get there is pretty simple- be on my feet. I am running by time not by distance. I would like to get a three hour run in before the marathon. Not concerned with speed, mostly with endurance and strength. 
Training plan until the marathon involves running for time about every other day, biking every other day with …

Hard Partying Lifestyle

Somebody hand me a nap and some chocolate...and then another nap. Monday I moved to Columbus, GA. Tuesday through Thursday I unpacked and organized our new place and made all of this

plus chocolate chip cookies for my husband and a few of his friends who finally had the weekend off after many weeks of training in the hot and humid GA summer and wanted real food for a change. All while still working part time long distance.

Yesterday I drove down to Atlanta to hop a flight to Minneapolis to celebrate my friend's wedding.

I was in Minnesota for a total of 16 hours. A totally awesome 16 hours. It was such a fun time and so special to get to see these two love birds make it legal. Four of those hours were spent dancing awkwardly because that is what I do. So sorry wedding guests for seeing that situation. Oh and I ate a lot of cake. And it was fantastic.

Flight home was at 5:19 a.m.this morning- this is what the airport looks like
Security was a breeze. 
I was back home by noon today …

Feels Like Home

We made it! Two days of driving (hours through heavy traffic resulting in white knuckle, please God don't take anyone out with this giant truck driving) and multiple hours unpacking and arranging I feel like I am home. Thanks for helping me mom!

I love our new place. It is in the heart of uptown Columbus right on the river. Part of the reason we moved into the place did is so we can go to cool places like this, the Iron Bank Coffee Company, for breakfast when we have no food. 

Thus far I have unpacked, organized, cleaned, and located groceries where I saw this-

That does not sound good at all- thoughts on Green Boiled Peanuts- a thumbs up or down? Fun with shopping. I have also done probably the most important thing- I have hung the medals. Now the world feels right. 
Another important thing I have done is go for a run! I ran for 35 minutes on the riverwalk and felt great!!!! Super excited about that. I am going to give it a go again tomorrow. And then it is on like donkey kong t…


On the road again. Said goodbye to And hello to Driving this truck like a boss. 500 something miles and a few dozen bathroom stops later we are back in Manchester Tennessee. Max is less than amused with this car ride but being good. 
Can't wait to get to Georgia tomorrow. And should probably expand my diet beyond these