Wee Hours

One of my favorite things about our new home is that it is right on the river. 

Every morning Max and I got for a stroll- usually early, early since the husband must be at work by 5:30 ( you know that whole the Army does more before 9a.m. than you do all day seems to be spot on).
But that usually means we have our walking spot all to ourselves until we get to the turn around point where we share it with this creepy statue.
I feel that I get way more exercise here than I did at our old place. Up and down stairs, multiple walks a day.... This means I can eat more Hot Tamales right?

Today was a cross training day so I hit the bike and things have gotten very hard core around here as I now bike in a cage. No exercise equipment allowed on the 2nd floor where our loft is so into storage it went but I have set it up to use it and it is less creepy than I thought it would be.
Somebody murdered the treadmill. Okay it was me and I probably won't remember to put it together until it is raining out and I want to run and then I will be in panic mode.

And a shot of Max just because he is so darn cute.


  1. your morning walk looks gorgeous and peaceful, glad it allows you to get out more in your new place!
    Not going to lie, i don't think I could bike in a cage- i get so darn hot when i workout, i think the closed quarters would make me sweat that much more. Way to not make any excuses!!

  2. Love the new walking area by the lake!! Keep taking lots of photos for us Chi town followers!


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