The Saturday of all Saturdays

This morning I over slept so couldn't meet up with the Saturday run group at 6a.m. I was super bummed because at the end of the Saturday run they make pancakes. And you all know how I feel about pancakes. But when I finally did make it out of bed I was able to get it together enough to run ten miles in an hour and 42 minutes. So excited. The run felt really good even though it was so hot and humid.
 I ran along the Riverwalk again because that is the only place I know where to run so far and will be content to run here until I get bored. Though it is so pretty that may be awhile.

 I came across this sign about four miles into the run. Ummm what....
 I asked another runner if they have ever seen alligators around and they said no but to stay out of the water. Uh will do. I was a little jumpy after seeing three of those signs.

 After getting back home I walked around a bit to try to stop sweating and then realized that that was probably not going to happen so went inside to shower, grab the D and head back out to the Saturday market. Along the way we came across a used book sale at the Ledger Enquirer (local newspaper) building and popped inside to see what we could find. I found these running books for $3. Win.
Then we moved on to the street fair they have here every Saturday and got all this stuff. Eggplants, jalapenos, squash, local honey and fig jam. Roasted vegetables on the menu tonight.

Next stop was the Iron Bank Cafe for some refueling. Delicious. 
 One the way back to our place we stopped into this place.

 D has found his new favorite place. If I can't find him for some reason I should probably check in here.
It is store dedicated to craft beers and they sell growlers as well. You can go in and mix and match so that is fun. Only down side is getting excited, buying a bunch of beer and then realizing you have to carry it four blocks home. Extra workout points for that. Overall a great Saturday so far and it is only 1:30. I think the rest of the day will consist of drinking and making delicious dinner and maybe a nap. Have another ten miler on the schedule tomorrow morning.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I spent all my years in Florida terrified of wild alligators and never saw one up close in the wild (only from a distance). And somehow now I feel disappointed about that, but I'm sure seeing it up close could prove even more disappointing, for your limbs that get gnawed off. Here, I'm as scared of snakes as I was of alligators there.

    And 10 miles two days in a row -- beast mode!

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures from your run!! Nice work, lady!

  3. You are finding so many cool things there! And that path looks amazing to run on - I don't think I would get bored there for awhile, either! Watch out for gators though! LOL


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