Longish Running and The Plan

Today was my first attempt at running longish and it went pretty well. Over six miles at a not too horrible pace. I felt better about the marathons after this run. Not great but better.

I had originally envisioned the half moon bay marathon as a solid athletic event full of speed, grace and glory- all the athletic prowess that my blog title - Just Plodding Along- conjures. Okay no....but I was hoping to finish under 4:50. I like the feeling of making progress and anything under that time would be progress.

After the lack of training and injury that has been happening the new plan is get strong enough to finish without turning into a ball of mush. Good to have goals. The plan to get there is pretty simple- be on my feet. I am running by time not by distance. I would like to get a three hour run in before the marathon. Not concerned with speed, mostly with endurance and strength. 

Training plan until the marathon involves running for time about every other day, biking every other day with some weights and yoga thrown in. And crossed fingers that all goes well.
PS Max loves his new home.


  1. The longer you take to run it, the longer you get to enjoy the views and the more chances I get to cheer you on! So excited about you coming - going to start planning it properly this week ;) Let me know if there's anything you want to do.

    1. That is a great way to think about it. Plus I can stand in the ocean at the end as a form of ice bath. This is going to be such fun! I can't wait!

  2. Fingers crossed that you stay injury free as you continue to train! I am happy the doc cleared you to run again! :)

    And... there will be more marathons, with big plans. I think it is awesome you are still able to do this one!

    1. Thank you! I am totally banking on the fact that I have finished a marathon before and that will allow me to finish these...it is all mental right....right..;).


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