Big Day

Yesterday three very exciting things happened.
1) I went on my second run with my new fun run group. There are only three of us and we run/ walk for about a half an hour and it is super fun to run with other people and nerd out about running. I took Max this time since it is short and he had a lot of fun I think (going off the extreme tail waging and number of people that petted him).I think I will use this group to build up his endurance so we can go on some shorter runs together.

2) I finally got to use my new big camera lens that I got for my birthday because.....

3) It was D's graduation from Officer Candidate School

 It was a really nice ceremony and D was pretty excited to be done with this phase of training. There are several more phases but you know, one step at a time.

Some important people spoke, awards were presented, the candidates got their certificate and shook the hands of other important people and then bam 2nd Lieutenant time.

 Their rank on their dress uniform is covered until after the ceremony so we got help him uncover it. 
 A parent for each side.
Shiny rank for the beret.

I am super proud of D and all the hard work he has done these past few months.  I was glad I got to be at graduation to help celebrate and super glad I moved to Columbus when I did to get to be a part of all of this. 

Now it is four day weekend time. The general plan is to eat, continue celebrating and I am going on back to back long runs to test the old body to see how it feels for marathon time in a month. If all goes well it is purchase a new ticket time and bonding with this lovely lady and her family. Can not wait!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Contrats to D! He looks so happy and you so proud! Plan for weekend: now that we're done eating what was left of our wedding cakes, we're going to re-fuel with vegetables and take lots of walks! Happy holiday weekend :)

  2. Oh the wedding cakes were so good. I should have put some in my purse for the plane home ;). Hope you have a great holiday weekend too!

  3. Congrats to D! And I loe the picture of you two! :)


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