Feels Like Home

We made it! Two days of driving (hours through heavy traffic resulting in white knuckle, please God don't take anyone out with this giant truck driving) and multiple hours unpacking and arranging I feel like I am home. Thanks for helping me mom!

Why Atlanta traffic, why

I love our new place. It is in the heart of uptown Columbus right on the river. Part of the reason we moved into the place did is so we can go to cool places like this, the Iron Bank Coffee Company, for breakfast when we have no food. 

Eat all the things

Downtown- perfect for running and art viewing
Thus far I have unpacked, organized, cleaned, and located groceries where I saw this-

That does not sound good at all- thoughts on Green Boiled Peanuts- a thumbs up or down? Fun with shopping. I have also done probably the most important thing- I have hung the medals. Now the world feels right. 

Another important thing I have done is go for a run! I ran for 35 minutes on the riverwalk and felt great!!!! Super excited about that. I am going to give it a go again tomorrow. And then it is on like donkey kong to get ready for the marathons.

Tomorrow I am off to my friends wedding in Minnesota. I am so excited to see these two crazy kids tie the knot
Yay Love!


  1. Yay! I am happy to hear you are getting settled in! LOL. Now I feel super lame because I got a medal rack for my birthday in July and haven't hung it up yet!

    Happy to hear you ran! What is the plan to get back in to it?

  2. Yay! Glad you are moved and running! I love boiled peanuts. People seem to love them or hate them, and I'm a big LOVAH.


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