Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

Some of my favorites from this week.

I love that this bloodhound went out to pee and found herself coming in seventh place in a half marathon. 

This women who is shaming male hypocrites on twitter. Hi pot, meet kettle.

Chelsea Handler's new documentaries on Netflix Chelsea Does. There are four altogether, all about an hour long. One on drugs, one on marriage, one on technology and one on racism. The technology and racism episodes were particularly well done I thought, though they are all good. It helps if you like her sense of comedy and straight forward approach to things. 

Always nice to be validated by children

This candy....get some. It is amazing

Travel books. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is one my all time favorites (thanks to the recommendation of travel writer Doug Mack whose awesome book can be found here) so I finally got smart and decided to read some of his other travel books. Also found one on long term travel. Wanderlust at its finest. 

The new Brooks and Moving Comfort apparel I treated myself to this week. 1/2 zip dash, 12 zip drift, Capri pants and over the shoulder boulder holders for the win.

Have a great weekend!


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