Training January 4th - 10th

Monday: Woke up tired from 20 miles the day before. Did a mile and then rolled out and stretched out. The end.
Tuesday: 3 rainy miles in the morning and 20 minutes of yoga in the morning. 5 miles in the rain with my group in the evening.
Wednesday: Pouring rain outside so hit the treadmill for 1.25 miles and was over it. Did a kettlebell and balance workout.
Thursday: Did an easy two miles and some core work.
Friday: Ran 3 miles outside and then it started hailing on me so headed inside for 3 more.
Saturday: 2.5 miles
Sunday: 16 miles. Long run for the win.

Total: 36.75 miles

It is amazing how motivating this poster is. I decided that I have to move at least a mile a day to cross off the day and so far it has gotten me moving even when I want to lay around and not move. Fingers crossed it keeps working!


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