Training Week: January 18th - 24th

Monday: 1 mile plus body weight torture exercise

Tuesday: one hour of Pilates plus 5.5 miles

Wednesday: 1 mile plus kettle bell and bosu workout

Thursday: 3.5 trail miles (cut a bit short due to an unexpected appointment, had planned for 6 or more but this is what happens when you lounge around in bed for half the morning, things come up.)

Friday: 1 mile with more planned for the afternoon since we had to be at the hospital early for D's MRI....but yeahhhhh that didn't happen.

Saturday: 2 miles with Max the wonder dog and then the best lady date day ever!

Brunch with some of my favorite running ladies. Awesome food. Then pedicures at Nail Bar where you can drink and get your nails done. Genius.
Favorite running ladies

Short rib hash for the win

The Nail Bar

Mimosa with a side of pedicure. Yes please

Runners....we are always in need of someone to deal with our feet. 

Sunday: 1 mile. 20 miles were on the schedule but I got to play water stop cheerleader instead which was so much fun! What....standing around drinking coffee, staying warm while handing out water is more fun than running 20 miles? Yep it totally is.
Water? Accelerade? High five?
I am so excited for all my runners! They are doing so well and I can't wait to see them storm across the finish line of the El Paso Marathon in February. It has been super awesome to see them get so strong and confident in their abilities over the last few weeks.

Total: 15 miles....huh well non-running escalated quickly this week.
(I set a goal for myself to at least move one mile everyday (running or walking)...that is why there is some weird 1 and 2 mile distances. Usually that one mile leads to more....but this week it totally did not.
Cross Training: Some happened.

Goal for this week: run maybe

If you are in the El Paso area and looking for something to do on Saturday you should run the Round Top Trail Run in Anthony Gap. The race director is super nice and a lot of fun and the races of his I have done before I have enjoyed. They are very laid back and fun. This trail is my absolute new favorite because it is run-able (not too rocky) and very pretty. The course is well marked, there is always lots of food (you had me at food) and trail runners are always super fun. I am doing the 16 miler just as a fun way to get in one more long run before my marathon in February so I won't be 'racing' necessarily (not sure why I have to clarify this seeing as I am the most non-competitive, I am just here for a t-shirt runner but there it is) but I will be having fun!


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