Playing in the Dirt

First things first: D update. The MRI has shown that he has cervical disc disease, this is causing pressure on his spine/ nerves and this is what is causing the numbness in his body. No MS or other neurological disease appears to be present. Yay for that. Boo for neck discs that don't play nice. Now we just need to figure out the best course of action to relieve the symptoms.

Now back to our regularly scheduled discussion about running.

What is it about trail running?

I am not overly good at it.  I am slow. I am clumsy. I fall about 50 percent of the time. I have had to have a stick piece removed from my hand after a particularly graceful swan dive into the ground.
New Mexico

Dirt in the mouth

Bruised toes

Sore ankles

Cuts and bruises

Cactus needles



Utter exhaustion


All of these things are things that I have experienced as a direct result of being out on the trails. None of which I have ever experienced on the road. And yet every time I am out there is just this overwhelming since of I freakin love this.

New Mexico

As noted above it may not be overly good for my well being but damn it if I just don’t have the best time, every time. I almost always have a ‘the hills are alive’ moment out on the trail where I just feel carefree and want to fling my arms out and spin, even being surrounded by hostile desert trails. I don’t actually spin. Trying to keep the sticks out of my hand.

Bet there are some awesome trails in those mountains behind her.

Well almost every time. My worst experience has been out on the trail as well. There was a particularly shitty 50K on a trail. And more than a few trail runs that have resulted in eating dirt and overwhelming feelings of frustration. Trail running is like the bad boy of running. Slightly dangerous, bound to either make you feel like a million bucks by showing you a thrilling time, or leave you crying in a heap on the ground. The allure being you set off down the trail, never quite knowing how it is going to go. Road running is the safe choice, the button down, responsible, fairly fun to hang out with, if slightly boring at times gentleman. Trail running is danger, leather jacket, the flaunter of rules, definitely not boring. And you know us ladies just can't resist a bad boy.

I am excited for the Roundtop Trail Race this weekend but have also decided that I would like to spend more time on trails in general this year whether running or hiking. Maybe get some more awesome pics like this!
Most favorite pic of me running forever and always, to be used multiple times until dealth

If anyone has any trail recommendations please pass them along! 


  1. I love trails although they humble me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just when I think I'm fit, they show me I'm hilariously unfit. But to be honest, I train on roads simply so i'm fit enough to run trails whenever I get the chance!!

    Good news about D? I thought initially it was related to his cervix and that confused me.

  2. Great news about D! Hope you guys find a good resolution to the pain issue soon.


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