Training Week April 4th- 10th & sell all the things!

I will start this by saying we were warned. My friend Karen had mentioned the aggression and the pushiness and the showing up early. But I just didn't expect people to show up several days early to a garage sale. I stupidly put an ad up on Thursday stating that on Saturday we would be having a garage sale and mentioned NO EARLY BIRDS. Just like that. All caps. You know the traditional way of conveying I mean business through type. By Thursday afternoon people were ringing our doorbell.

At first I was super annoyed. Because I am a rule follower and think you should follow the rules too and if someone puts no early birds in all caps that means you stay away until Saturday. But D was like, whatever, give us all your money. So we just went with it. Sorry to anyone who was a rule follower cause you got screwed.

Even on Saturday morning people were ringing our doorbell by 6:30 a.m. which we ignored and continued to drink our coffee until 7 a.m. because coffee. Then we opened the garage door.

There were so many people and they literally crawled in under the garage door before it was open all the way. And then after like 5 minutes it was dead for about an hour and people trickled in the rest of the day.

So weird. The weirdest part was people pretty much bought everything. A used mop was bought. Someone even offered us money for the half empty paint can just sitting in our garage. Uhhh what.....

We sold almost all the clothes and shoes.... which in garage sales I have had in other places never sold. The whole thing was crazy. But on the upside I now have a little box of stuff to donate to goodwill instead of a garage full and we made money which has already pretty much been spent on backpacking gear. So success.

I also got around to running more consistently again this week:
Monday: I ran six easy miles and lifted weights and walked in the evening
Tuesday: I did 3 miles of HIIT in the morning, body weight exercises and then ran with some peeps for 5 miles in the evening. I also walked the dog.
Wednesday: My shins hurt, probably a by-product of doing very little running and then running 14 miles in two days (whoops my bad) so I walked for 3.5 miles instead.
Thursday: 6 easy miles running, 1 walking
Friday: 3 miles of running, 3.5 miles of walking
Saturday: I outran a zombie garage sale horde....okay I walked the dog
Sunday: Walked the dog....thought about running and then didn' yeah

Total mileage for run/walk = 37 miles 


  1. That's CRAZY. I'm probably going to have a garage sale once I find a new place to live, and I'm really glad I have been warned now! Congrats on clearing house though, that's a big deal!

    1. Yes do not post about the garage sale until right before the garage sale unless you want to deal with people non-stop for three days. Which I do not want to deal with people ;)

  2. Also, don't put your house number, just the street, in the listing. That way they have to wait until they see you open. :)


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