Road Trip

Unfortunately our family dog Sammy had to head up to the big farm in the sky this past week where she can forever chase bunnies and eat horse poop (just assuming that dog heaven provides an overabundance of her favorite things down on earth).  So Max and I headed home to hang with my family.

Miss you Sammy dog

It was nice. We hung out, talked about missing Sammy, and ate a lot. Actually Sammy's love of food and enthusiasm for eating and our love of food and enthusiasm for eating is how she fit right in when she was rescued. It was weird not having her around and her tail thumps and gentle nature is much missed.

While I was there I went for a 4 mile oxygen free run.....and realized that when we relocate here running will be extra difficult for awhile. But you can't beat the views. They would take my breathe away if I weren't already missing it while stumbling around light headed while the tips of my fingers get tingly from lack of oxygen. I grew up in Colorado and I did run in High School so I know it can happen eventually, a run that feels less like I am going to black out, just may take a few weeks to acclimatize. And that was my only run because then it dumped snow for two days.  

Which was fun for Max and I since we have only seen snow once this winter so it was a novelty. My poor parents, sister and brother-in-law were less enthusiastic as it has been the worst year for snow and cold. 

Snow dog

Max and I did manage to get one walk in during the blizzard to try out some new cold weather running gear I got. It works and Max loved it. Almost as much as he loved sleeping in front of the stove. 

Happy dog
On Monday we drove through a bit of snow and rain to end up in 70 degree weather again in El Paso. Only a few more weeks and we will be on our way to reside in Colorado. Better up the cardio in preparation! 


  1. So sorry about your pup. I lost mine 1 month ago (also a fellow horse poop eater!). What part of Colorado will you be in? I'm up here in the high altitude too - Sheridan Wyoming. I know you already follow like a hundred blogs, but hope you will tune into mine sometime!
    Anne @


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