Christmas Favorites and last weeks training

This Christmas, as with pretty much every holiday, I got some sweet new running things! Not that I needed any more running things. But they are some of my favorite things. I got these New Balance tights mostly because they are so pretty. Look at how cute they are!

I also got this poster from I Love to Run. Basically you  mark off every day that you exercise, the goal being to not break the chain. It should act as a motivator. We shall see. 

I also got this headphone which is one sided so you can hear music in one ear (the whole song, not split like normal headphones) but have an ear open for traffic, people, etc.

I also got a new holder for my race bibs. I filled the last one up. Run all the races!!! Excited to fill this one up with new adventures. 

The teeth say Runner, Their are water bottles and shoes and other fun running stuff in the skull! 

In terms of training this week...well lets just say Christmas cheer took over. Most of the fueling was done with the three main food groups of cheese, wine, and chocolate. 

Monday: Nada. 18 miles kinda wiped me out the day before. 
Tuesday: Six miles through my neighborhood. Lifted weights. So far so good.
Wednesday: Lazy starts to creep in....I walked the dog.
Thursday: I try to make a comeback....5 miles easy on the treadmill followed by lifting weights.
Friday: Christmas! I wore pajamas all day and ate, and ate and ate some more. Yay!
Saturday: Six easy miles through the neighborhood. Stretching and rolling out. Watched some pretty crazy winter weather roll in. 
Sunday: Snow day!
I did six miles on the dreadmill, one mile through the snow with the dog and then watched trail running videos to finish off my miles. Can I count their miles towards my own....? Check out these awesome trail videos !! Totally makes me want to hit the trails more and have some sort of epic trail adventure...even if epic means staying upright for an extended period of time. Which for me and my coordination it does.  

Running Miles: 24 miles
Cross training: uhhhh lifted some weights. Overall not my best cross training week. 


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