We meet again

So I am once again dragging my butt up Mount Lemmon. I am pretty sure after I did it the last time I wasn't going to do it again.

It is completely uphill. Well there is a little bit of a downhill or as one guy last time described it: an eight mile hike with a 5 mile run at the end. Pretty much. 

But the lure of the cheap half (registered for this one for $55) and proximity to my house (near Tucson) made it irresistible. Apparently they are cracking down and no music is allowed for real this time. Last year they said that and everyone and their mom had music except for me cause I am a rule follower.
So ethical dilemma of my time: to bring the Ipod or not. It would be very helpful to have Beyonce, Katy and Lady Gaga pacing me up the mountain.

There is some nice symmetry with doing this half as number 15. I am half way through my goal of running 30 half marathons before turning 30. This half kicked of the half madness for me last fall and was the first one I did once I was healed from hurting my leg.

Goal: Last time I ran it in 2:58 so this time anything under 2:58 and of course no falling off the mountain is fine by me.

This is the last hurrah most likely, unless I stumble upon an opportunity to do a half this summer, I won't be racing until the fall. This summer is dedicated to upping the mileage and getting faster (and trying not to die of heat stroke).

Tapering plan happening as we speak:
Monday: still couldn't move much due to Horsetooth beat down
Tuesday: 5 mile slow recovery run
Wednesday: hour of yoga, half hour walk with Max the wonder dog
Thursday: half hour walk with Max the wonder dog
Friday: tentative walk/ swim planned
Saturday: carbo load
Sunday: Half


  1. You and your hills! I'm amazed. I love how one of your goals is always not falling off the mountain.

    1. I feel like I don't want to tempt fate by not mentioning falling off the mountain. Better safe than sorry.:)

  2. Local races are the best! Even when they are uphill. At least you won't have to travel forever to take a beating on the hills. But you might be the giver of the beating this year! Take that, hills.


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