Taper Crazy X 3

I ran the Wisconsin marathon 10 days ago.
The week before that I was in taper mode.
Ever since the marathon I have been in recover/ taper mode because I decided to run the Chicagoland Marathon on Sunday. Also the Hanson Marathon training book convinced me if I did not rest for two weeks after the marathon my legs would fall off. Pretty much three weeks of not really running.

It is getting serious over here.

The last few weeks I have learned some important facts about what running does for me.

1) When I run I burn some energy. When I don't run I become increasingly annoying to myself and others. I am all up in everyone's business and have a hard time sitting still. This does not translate well to the workplace.

2) I also have a harder time filtering my thoughts. You know the thoughts you have that should not come out of your mouth. No running leads to having to focus really hard to have self-restraint and not tell people how it is.
Apparently when I run a lot I am too tired to care.

3) Running takes up time in the morning. Forces me to stay focused and get the necessary stuff done. When I have too much time in the morning I get distracted by weird things like cleaning the stove and change my outfit 15 times. Too much time quickly turns into- crap I am going to be late for work.

Long story short- I gave into the addiction and ran this morning. Just three miles down to the lake and it was a beautiful morning.

And I feel so much better about life.

I also saw this on the interwebs and had to share.
This is totally not true. Runners will never shut up about their races- of any distance- or their training. Just ask those who have befriended me or are related. I never shut up about running.

The taper crazies are real- have you ever had them?
What does running do for you?


  1. I totally feel you! I get cranky and itchy feeling if I don't run. And man, I cannot shut up about it, ever, like ever. If I hear someone even mention running, I fly to that conversation!

    I haven't done a race, so I've never tapered.

    Running gives me energy, peace of mind, an outlet for stress, health, yada yada, and makes me a little looney, and my thighs a bit thick!

  2. That lake is BEAUTIFUL!!!


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