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This morning I woke up feeling fine but tired. Took Max for a stroll and went to work. I joked with a co-worker about wanting to call in tired and zitty (sweating for multiple hours does not equal a gorgeous complexion the next day) and should not have done that because by 10:30 I felt like death. Shaky, feverish and like I was going to puke on someone. So I called it a day, grabbed multiple Gatorades on the way home and tried to nap in a cool place. (Not sure if it is marathon exhaustion or whatever crud is floating around the office this week.)

And then lay there listening to my lawn being mowed (yay for landscaper, boo for timing) and finally almost fell asleep when I got a call from work. WTF. Ahhhhhhh give me a break. If I am not at work- then I am hard pressed to care about what is going on at work. Unless it is on fire- do not call me.

I do not excel at napping apparently. 

Some funny things that happened yesterday during the marathon:

Apparently nature was not a huge fan of me running this marathon, besides the heat nature threw a couple other hurdles at me.

1) Mosquitoes- I got a couple bites while out there. If you run faster is this less of a problem?
2) I startled a deer at one point and it was running right next to me for a few moments which was cool until it dashed in front of me across the path and scared the crap out of me. Glad it didn't try to plow through me. Heart was beating fast enough thank you very much.
3) I inhaled one of those cotton floaty things from trees and I swear that thing was stuck to the back of my throat for at least twenty minutes. Bleh.
4) Bumble bee attack- no actual stinging or anything- it was one of those big fat ones, do they even sting? But it would not leave me alone.
5) Bug in the eye. I had a visor and sunglasses on- come on now how did it even get in there? Skills.

Long story short if you disturb me while I am trying to nap I get very ragey

 and nature is conspiring against me. 


  1. I turn into a pretty evil parent if a small person tries to wake me up from a 15-minute nap. Those naps can be really important some days.

    What the crap -- a deer?! And those big bumble bees don't sting, but someone told me they bite. Huh? Could be an untrue story.

  2. I'd say you are definitely suffering from some post race exhaustion and need to get more nutrients and rest in you. That and all pollen has been a beast. My allergies have me pinned down.

    And no, running faster will not reduce mosquito bites, but rather make you a graveyard for them!

    Feel better and recovery those legs lady!

  3. Sorry you kept getting interrupted! Sleep is so important when you're not feeling well. I've been getting attacked by bugs lately, too. Normally I hate running into the wind, but I'll take it if it keeps the bugs away. I hope that you can get some rest and that you feel better soon!


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