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Since getting acknowledged on SR's blog I have had way more readers than usual. As in hundreds more than usual (usual being my five closest family members- thanks mom!) So if you were directed here or just stumbled upon thanks for taking a look. It has been really fun to get comments from bloggers I had no idea existed. Jina at Behold the Turtle is now a follower and I gotta say after looking at her blog I think we are running soul sisters. We both have internal discussions of running hate and love, we both appear to love quality reality  television programming, and we both appear to be slow and steady!

Yesterday I met my friend and former boss at the Blue Willow for dinner. She is super fun and it is always fun to get together with her. We exchanged Christmas gifts (I love dragging out holidays so they end up happening for months and months) and I scored big time.

Delicious spices....now I guess I have to cook?

Wine guide- it is like she knows me
I guess I can graduate for everything under $10 in the cart to an informed consumer of wine.

Gifts just kept coming out of the gift bag.
 It was so fun to catch up. And I love going out to dinner. Any night I am not cooking is a win in my book.

This morning I headed out to map the 10k route for the Team Gab Virtual Race this weekend at the Rillito River Park. Six miles in an hour. Not bad. The IT band strap I bought makes the knee/IT band pain less stabby but not perfect. I will just continue to ice and stretch. No time to rest, too much fun to have.

I gotta say even though California was really beautiful, Arizona has its own kind of beauty. I think the race is going to be awesome. Three people have signed up to do a half and twelve to walk a 10k pledging over $200. Whoohooo! That is pretty amazing considering most people signed up are graduate students meaning we make like 10 cents an hour. My peeps are awesome! Can't wait for run/walk fun and chocolate chip pancakes this weekend!


  1. I busted out laughing when I read you comment about looking 'special' in your race photos-- got a lot of weird stares from my co-workers. I normally do as well, which is why I was so excited I had some good ones for a change.

    My aunt works for a Penzey store, so lucky me has a ton of spices she likes to give away-- woo woo!

  2. Thanks to SR, I found my running soul sister (love that term)!

    And, surprise! I like ... no, LOVE wine, too!


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