Fun, chocolate chip pancakes and it is for a good cause

I sent out this email to my friends to try to get them to suffer with me. We will see if it works.

So as you may or may not know (or care) I started blogging awhile back because I could not get enough of myself (check it out mmm shameless self promotion). When I am not too busy talking about myself I read other people's blogs. The blog 365 days of awesome ( )has become one of my favorites. It is witty, funny and demonstrates to me that a positive attitude is everything. Heather or Giraffy as she is known on the blog has a 5 year old daughter Gabby with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I don't know the details of this disease but it does not sound like a barrel of laughs for a five year old. What I have learned from Heather's blog is that there is not enough research being done on children's cancers. In an effort to correct that Heather is fundraising through the PRCF Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon. But since they live in sunny southern CA and I am stuck in sunny Tucson (just not the same) I am not able to participate but there is a way I and you can help!

By joining the TEAM GAB VIRTUAL RACE (check out details here

So here is my proposal:
I am going to sign up for the half marathon (serves as a 1/2 towards my goal of 30 before 30 and is located where I want). I have found a loop on the Rillalto River Trail that is about 3.1 miles. Since I know other people have lives and do more than running and school like I do, my suggestion is to sign up for the distance of your choice and lets run or run/walk together. I will be doing a little over four loops and am hoping I get enough people joining in so that I have a friend or friends to run or run/walk with each loop. I am not doing this for time just the glory of finishing and the satisfaction of doing something good so if in your head you are thinking I don't run or I will slow her down (or maybe I will leave her in the dust, that is fine too) it doesn't matter, that is what walking or run/walking is for.

Location: Rillalto River Park located on Paradise Falls Road (heading North on Alvernon from Grant it is on the right past Fort Lowell/ heading south on Alvernon it is past the intersection of N. Dodge on the left. There is an elementary school and office buildings at the intersection of Paradise Falls and Alvernon head down Paradise Falls towards the housing development until you see the park on the left).
Date: Saturday January 28th
"Race" Start Time: 8a.m.
Aid stations: bring your own water, energy Gu whatnot, there are water fountains along the path and bathrooms (win!). I will also try to bring some water bottles and Gatorade but I can't promise that I will remember.
Incentive: Chocolate Chip Pancake b-fast at my house afterwards! (You can have plain pancakes if you want but then we need to discuss our friendship not working out)

So now you are thinking pancakes with chocolate I am so in. How do I sign up? 
There are two ways-
Option one: head over to and donate and then head over to  and leave a comment telling her you are racing and want to be part of the raffle for awesome racing gear (see her blog for more details, some seriously sweet running stuff.)

Option two: you don't care about being in the raffle and would like to give me your raffle entry or are just don't feel like going online to donate just let me know how much you would like to donate and I will add it to my contribution and up my odds of winning some of the awesome prizes she is giving away. I will be donating on Friday January 27th so let me know before then. And then bring me your donation to the race or when I see you or whatever (but bring it or I will hunt you down....I kid...or do I.)
Fees: (entries are into the raffle)
$5 donation = 5K = 1 entry
$10 donation = 10K = 2 entries
$25 donation = half marathon (13.1 miles, yo) = 5 entries
$40 donation = FULL marathon (26.2) = 10 entries

oh and if you decide to do the Full marathon I will run the first half or the second half with you depending on how early you start and then I will help carry you to the car and I will think your crazy but will never say it to your face (just behind your back).

So please come join me for some fun, exercise and then totally negating any good we did with exercising by stuffing our faces with chocolate chip pancakes. If you know friends or significant others who are interested sign them up too! Any questions give me a call, shoot me an email, send me a smoke signal.
Hope to see you there!

Fingers crossed I get some out there to participate!


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