Shorts for supermodels and other random things

Workout this morning = 6 miles in 1:03

A magical magazine fairy came to my office yesterday and gave me these:
Thanks C!
A nice break from studying for sure....although in a few weeks when I am taking my PhD exams I will probably be thinking 'I should have spent less time reading People and more time reading political science stuff' but hopefully this will help me get over the Heidi and Seal split. So unexpected.

I haven't mentioned the streak in ended when I traveled to Temecula. Whoooo glad that pressure is gone. I am too lazy to workout everyday. Sometimes I just need to lay on the floor/ couch and read People. 

I ordered some Aspaeris pivot short on Thursday of last week with their awesome cooleronline coupon code for 50% off and they came in the mail yesterday. When I opened the package I was like oh H...E... double hockey sticks no. There is no way these things are going on my bodacious booty.....they are like shorts for tiny children or supermodels...
Tiny tiny shorts and these are the XL
but they fit. I believe they are made out of fairy dust and unicorn hair and they are super comfortable and fit perfectly. 

I have yet to do anything besides prance around my house in them but once I wear them for a run or after a run for recovery purposes I will let you know how it goes. Kind of wish I had one pair in every color. 

I am back to calorie counting since I would still like to loose 10 to 15 more lbs and my current plan of just stuffing my face in moderation is only maintaining and not resulting in shedding the lbs (I haven't calorie counted since before Xmas). But I really hate calorie counting because you learn things like how this morning I drank around 150 calories in coffee creamer. Umm not great but I am not sure I am willing to give that dilemma there....

Okay but for real I need to go study.


  1. Aren't they great?? I thought mine were too small too but then they totally fit. And they SO help with recovery!

  2. I love celebrity news/gossip/ramblings! The Heidi and Seal breakup was a shocker ...

    I kept hesitating on the shorts because I was afraid they were for supermodels, too. If they are made of fairy dust and unicorn horn, though, they are definitely for me.


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