Streaking in the New Year

We're going not that kind of streaking, explanation below

Workout: 10ish miles in 1:45 ish (I forgot to restart the garmin after stopping at a light and then ran a long ways hence the ish)

My long run today was pretty awesome. A new year's miracle. I didn't take one walk break. I didn't even have to refuel at all, or stop to pee, or fall off the sidewalk. Most miles were between a 10:15 and 10:30 pace. And I am not even that sore which is weird cause after three weeks of kinda of running sometimes and no longer than six miles you think that ten would kick me in the butt and require a day of couch laying but no.
But I did ice my knees and feet when I got back so maybe that is why I feel fine
Just a word of advice: beans, peas and corn work great, broccoli & spinach too lumpy for icing
Ta da the more you know

Perhaps it was the champagne carbo loading the night before (practicing for Temecula). Or maybe the sweet new running outfit I wore...
Should have worn the matching shorts considering it is 80 degrees here today- Tucson is silly
And I should probably be a supermodel with talent like that

Whatever it was I liked it. While I was plodding along I had an idea and it may be a good one (this rarely happens so soak it up). A lot of people have been doing the runner's streak of running everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year's to not gain weight/ stay in shape while the rest of us are stuffing our faces with peanut M&M's and Christmas cookies like it is our job.

 So I thought what if I had a fitness streak of my own (I can't run everyday without my knee falling off but I can be active everyday). So since it is officially 1/1/2012 and I managed to get my butt out of bed and workout the streak begins. I am aiming to be active everyday in someway. I can lift weights, hiking, doing yoga (eh), swim, bike, walk the dogs (but with a purpose not the distracted by a butterfly shuffle at zero speed crap) run etc. But it needs to be for 30 minutes at least everyday. Seems doable. So the streak begins. Feel free to join me in the best idea ever. You're welcome.

 In other news Max misses his best friend River (my sister's dog) and has taken to hoarding his new toys around him. We may need doggy therapy.


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