It Finally Happened

Last week I finally got a long run in. Started way, way, waaayyy too early and did six miles before I met up with my half marathon training group which meets at 6 a.m. So yeah too freakin early.

Art installation by UTEP. Early morning rainbow. 

There is something kind of magic about being out and about while the rest of the world sleeps. Empty streets and silence. You know what is more magical? My nice warm and comfortable bed. But the marathon scares me so long runs at the crack of dawn must happen. 

I think doing my long run this way was the smartest thing I have done in awhile. The last twelve miles were awesome because I got to run with some of my favorite people and they made the miles fly by. Mentally so much easier than rolling along by myself. Now for everyone who had to hear me complain about being tired and sore the miles may not have flown by as quickly.

Downtown El Paso as scene from my sloooowww run up the back side of Scenic Drive. No big deal just gonna run up this mountain. 

The only down side was the route we do for half marathon training is tough, tough, TOUGH. Practically up and over a mountain and then so many hills. One of the toughest runs I have done in a long time. This made me feel a bit better about my lack of training because Twin Cities is fairly hill free especially compared to this and will be significantly cooler temps. So really I should probably PR cause I keep trying to convince myself it is the easiest course ever.

 And now I taper. Shortest marathon training I have ever done. Not expecting magic but should be fit enough to at least enjoy the first 18 miles. 

A reader sent me this and I loved it and had to share. Because sometimes the first mile is miserable and the rest of the run is amazing and sometimes that first mile is magic and the rest can suck it. Praying for the first one on race day. 


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